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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by KTNC, Jun 15, 2006.

  1. KTNC

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    I have been reading with interest the recent controversy involving Exmarks's new Triton deck. As a member of this site and Exmark Ultracut owner for several years, I have always believed in Exmark's product. The reason I initially joined this site was to do research to find the best overall mower. After hearing from several regulars on this site such as TLS and John Gamba, as well as many others, the decision to go Exmark seemed like a no brainer.

    While I have not regretted my decision, still I have looked at the new Super Zs and am impressed... However, not enough so to go and buy one, at least not yet...

    TLS - you have been a loyal Exmark customer for years, and now you change to the XR-7. I would be very interested in hearing from you and any others, why you decided to leave Exmark - pros and cons of each mower, etc. Having read your posts for several years, I know you didn't come to this decision lightly. Also assuming you have mowed with the new mower for awhile now, any regrets? And how about a review...
  2. lazer9284

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    Ktnc.... Be Aware That Ground Speed Is Not Everything, Quality Of Cut Is
  3. imograss

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    I have the 27/60 Super Z XR7 (with the kit). This mower now cuts awsome, and it seems you get more bang for your buck with Hustler. I have been watching the Exmark threads regarding the cutting issue with the Triton. While Hustler has had problems with the XR7 in some areas, they were extremely pro-active and supplied the folks with cutting issues with a fix. It seems that Exmark is a little slow to respond if at all. Hustlers customer service is 2nd to none. Demo an XR7 and make your choice. I have owned 3 Super Z's in 3 years. Ground speed is not everything, but it sure is nice, as is the fully adjustable sus. seat, integrated park brake, striping roller.
  4. timmac

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    I agree with imograss.
  5. TMT

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    I have 3 exmarks. 05-48 WB, 06-36 WB, and a 05-52ZTR. I needed the trany replaced on the 48. Had it installed and back on my trailer in less then 24 hrs. I have had zero problems with the other two. IF I need anything my dealer is great with assistance and will get the exmark rep in asap if needed. I cut commercial and residential. I think exmark has issues with the triton deck cutting wet grass. My dealer says he would not recommend the mower be used on wet grass. He has been upfront from the beginning. Sorry to hear others have not had the same experience with their dealers.
  6. tallimeca

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    Of all the the equipment i've represented over the years, Exmark has been far and away the best as far as customer support to us the dealers, and some of you, the end users.

    It completely baffles me to read some of these posts here because I have NEVER had a negative experience with Exmark snubbing their nose at fixing an issue. We haven't had many issues over the years, but they seem to be right on top of things. Any time there is an update, the dealer is mailed a paper version outline what the issue is, what needs to be done, and there is an important guy who signs the bottom.

    I have to say that if some of you aren't getting the help and support on your issues, it starts from the dealer level, to the distributor level, then to Exmark.

    I don't know what part of the country the issue seem to stem from but up here in the North East, I feel the Exmark is very well represented by their dealers and distributors.

    If you have a problem that's you are not satisfied with, contact them direct and skip your dealer, and or distributor. If you still have a problem that can not be solved, i'd be interested to hear both sides of the story.
  7. TriCountyLawn

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    I would have to say comparing an Ultracut to Hustler 04' deck would be neck and neck, Both Hustler and ExMarks frames are proven designs. If I were to compare the cut and power with Trition to an Hustler (04 or XR-7) the Hustler would win hands down.

    Hustlers new Super Z with the XR-7 and flex forks are by far both the most for your money and IMO the best ZTR on the market right now.
  8. kc2006

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    best 06 mower...hustler hands down. the xr7 is a proven deck, the ONLY problem they had was fixed stat. who knows when the issues will be worked out of the exmarks. Customer service is better with hustler, from regional reps to company tops. Dealers are a totally different ballgame, you cant say "my dealer fixs me right up and treats me great so XXX is a better machine" that has nothing to do with it, company support..hustler hands down. Overall machines for 06, hustler is better in the fact that its faster, not only for getting on the turf, but yes you can mow at high speeds, I've done it while demoing and it did great, and I'm picky by some companies standards. I also like all the coolers they have on the hustlers, the ride seems better, flex forks are a great new addition. The hydro's feel funny though, they're kinda "soft" feeling to me, the exmarks are nice and tight. The other thing I dont like about hustler is the deck lifting system, it's strange but I've been on exmarks ever since I got in this business so I guess that could be why I feel that way. they both have their good points, one clearly has many more good points, the hustlers are about $1500 cheaper for compairable models here too.

    This is all coming from someone who's been on exmarks ever since he got in the business and currently owns an exmark. If exmark made their units faster and if they get the triton to perform in all conditions as good or better then the ultracut did...I'd have no problem saying exmark all the way.
  9. KTNC

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    Thanks for the replies, please keep them coming...

    KC - I agree about the deck lifting system, since I have not yet driven one I can't comment on much else, although the Hustler does look very solid... But so does the Exmark..! Just quickly looking under the seat on the Super Z, it appeared as if the hydro filter would be hard to get at too.

    What about mowing, discharge ability, etc. I find it is hard to beat Exmark at that.
  10. tacoma200

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    Spend a little more and get the 28 efi on either. It should pay for its self in the long run on fuel and much more tourqe.

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