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hustler vs scag

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Hello everyone. I have been doing lawncare for about 7 years part time. going fulltime this year and have owned nothing but scags. Well im in the market for a new walkbehind and want your opinion on the two. Scags have been great to me but the $6200 price tag is alittle out there in my opinion! So question is has anyone made a switch and like these trim stars better. Thanks in advance....
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There are plenty of TrimStar owners out here, I am sure you will get some response.
Take a look at what you get for your money and the features, especially the steering system and deck lift system on the Hustler, you will love it.

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The new 54 trimstar cuts 52" or less not 54". The blades are shorter than the older 54" wb's which cut a true 54". Does the trimstars have the same frame warranty as the super z's. The machine has alot of pluses ,but I like my old Superwbs. Keep it simple S....
The warranty is 2 years on the new TrimStar units.
Lifetime limited warranty against all defects in the deck resulting in the front edge of the deck being bent into the blades for the (original purchaser only)
3yrs on spindle & gauge brg—3rd yr brgs only.

It is a very simple machine and works excellent.
I bought the 54" ES last summer and absolutely love it. The steering system makes operation effortless, lever controlled deck height adjustment is very convenient, and the 23hp Kawasaki provides plenty of power...not to mention it holds a hill like a mountain goat. Between the things I mentioned and the Hustler quality you cannot go wrong with the Trimstar.
Thank you for your post, this new TrimStar is a hit, we are selling them very quickly.
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