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    I have a very reputable Hustler dealer in my area who also sells Exmark, Bobcat and others. I am seriously considering purchasing a rider this spring and am down to any of the aforementioned. We do bag quite a bit here as we get a lot oflush topgrowth in spring, and a lot of leaves in the fall. Dealer tells me I'd be happier w/ ultravac and its bagging unit -vs- the bacvac dumping on the ground. He doesn't care as much for bobcat (and it would probably need a PECO or other similar vac attachment & again he hates pony motors for bagging). Anyway - he does suggest I demo both formyself & I probably will, but I'm pretty sure the demos come w/out the baggers. Also, I spoke to a good LCO competitor who has operated both machines and truely belives Hustler to be a superior product. This friend believes the dealerpushes the exmark unit some because of a higher mark-up and profit %. Personally when spending a large amount of money on equipment, what I'm looking for is reliability, dependability, serviceability, parts availability, etc.. Please enlighten me a bit more on your product. I really like the deck design w/ extra steel around skirt of deck, etc.

    Thank you.

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    We will soon have a new vac for the Z's to add to the curent vac.
    It will use our current spindle driven blower set-up, but use individual bags to remove and dump where you like.
    Look at all your mentioned units, you will see the Hustler beats them in all categories, compare feature to feature, component to component, and if your looking at a Super Z you will get increased speed also, this comes in handy mowing and going to the dump site or vehicle.
    We will soon have a couple of Kohler engine options and a liquid Kawi (these should be available by spring)
    I am not sure that your dealer will demo a unit with a catcher for you, but I do know that we can get a rep to you that can.
    As for your dealer pushing Exmark over the Hustler, I cannot figure that one for you, he should be making as much or more on the Hustler.
    Let me know when your ready to demo in the spring, and I will see what I can do to get you a catcher to demo.

    Hope this helps
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    Turf dude
    Ive Had Both Baggers. The ultra Vac Is Very Heavy To Get On and Off(YOU WILL NEED TWO PEOPLE) You Cannot Do a Perimeter Cut with the Bagger On It's to wide.
    The hustler i had It Was On a 2500 The Hopper Came Off In 30 seconds And It's On wheels. You Can Do A Perimeter cut with ease. Dumping Onto a Tarp Is easy My friend How has a Ultravac dumps his on the ground because The Bags With 4 Bushels Can Be heavy. Its faster To Do leaves with a dump on The Ground to.
    Anything else just Call

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