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Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by IndianaDave, May 25, 2003.

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    I just finished a month of research and demo cuts on my lawn. Needless to say it was exhaustive and I am glad I am at the end. Thanks to my local dealers and the knowledgeable people on this site, I feel certain I have made the best decision.

    I purchased a 18/44 Fastrak. I chose it over even the more expensive FULLY comercial models from Scag and Exmark. For my use, which is only residential, the Fastrak won HANDS DOWN! Even if I were somewhat commercial I would have still been tempted to go with the Fastrak because of the features when compared to the other brands. The only items not commercial are the IZT hydros and the seat. MY DEALER THREW IN A PREMIUM SEAT AT NO COST! The cost to replace the hydro units, if ever needed, is far less than the cost to upgrade to a fully commercial unit. The decision was a no-brainer.

    I also want to commend my Hustler dealer for his help in bringing mowers to my home, installing mulch kits just so I could use them on my lawn, and putting up with my obsessive questions and scrutiny.

    If anyone needs a reputable, knowledgable and FAIR Huster dealer (Louisville area) email me for info. The pricing he gave me was better than any I have seen others mention on this site as well.

    Kudos to Hustler, PJ, and my dealer.
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    i am also considering buying the fastrack. what did you get for a price?
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    just curious about the mulch kit, did they install the baffles to mulch and if so how did it do?

    I am going to demo a 37" w/b this Tuesday and my dealer will NOT install the baffle kit for me to demo, instead they are going to put the deflector plate on, I know this is not mulching so it will probably look like ****.

    Any info would be appreciated.
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    I am trying to make the same decision and tested the Exmark CT and the FasTrak as well last week. (Results posted in the homeowners forum) I too was very impressed with the FasTrak, but found the seating to be uncomfortable. Looking at a mini Z this week. Can you give us/me some of the the details from your research. Thanks.
  5. IndianaDave

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    The mulch kit I used included the baffles and gator blades. The results were excellent. The grass practically disappeared into my lawn, even though my grass was about twice as tall as it is when I normally mow.

    The standard seat on the Fastrak is not as comfortable as their most expensive models, that is correct. However, all the Hustler seats are interchangeable beteween their various models. If you can convince your dealer, maybe he will sweeten the deal by throwing in a seat upgrade at no additional cost. Regardless, for the small amount of time you will mowing I doubt it will make much difference.

    My comparison criteria are too numerous to mention. However, I will try to summarize the most important points. Compared to other residential riders, the Hustler has no equal. The fabricated deck, frame construction, and Honda twin cannot be touched by any other residential Z-Turn. I have a close friend who sells Cub Cadet, so I gave close consideration to the Z-Force. The Z-Force appeared like it would not take near the abuse that the Fastrak will. Also, it did not have the parking brake integrated into the steering levers as does the Fastrak, It did not have the foot assisted deck height control (only as seen on much more expensive models), all of the controls are in one location on the Fastrack as opposed to two panels on the Z-Force, one more annoying but small item is that the throttle and choke are combined into one lever on the Z-Force. The Fastrak has a separate choke and throttle. This can save many fouled sparked plugs as well as sparing the annoyance.

    Compared to the much more expensive Tiger Cub and Exmark CT, the differences were not as great, as they should not be since they are considered light duty comercial. However, the Fastrack still has features that were superior even though it is considered residential. The Single cylinder engine that comes standard on the Scag and Exmark is a real turn-off, especially at their asking price.

    In summary, as I said in an earlier post, you need to compare the Fastrack to commercial models since the only components not of commercial quality are the seat and the IZT hydros. Replace the seat, and you are left with the hydros. The cost to replace the hydros mioght be $800 if and when you ever need to replace them. In conclusion, the Fastrack is the no-brainer superior choice. At their price point, they have no equal that even comes close.

    If you need a good dealer, please let me know. I live in Indiana, near Louisville, KY. My dealer will give you excellent pricing AND service.


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