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    I have a 305D with the Ruggerini deisel engine. I've had it for about 15 years but the engine is about shot and needs major work.
    Has anyone had any success or have a process to change this engine to a gas engine of any type/manufacturer, preferably air cooled?
    Anyone's comments for this would be appreciated.

    W. Black
  2. mowerconsultant

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    That's a good question.......
    You have a oldie but goodie there....we had a conversion kit many, many years ago for that unit (late 80's), we no longer make the kit.
    The kit switched it to a Kubota liquid cooled diesel, or to a Kohler air cooled K-582.
    Even if you could get all the parts and new engine to convert it, it would be very expensive.
    You can call our customer service dept. and talk to Leon, he is our resident expert on those older units, he may be able to give you some pointers in your situation.
    Call 1-800-395-4757 and ask for him.

    Hope this helps


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