Hustler X-One or Bad Boy Outlaw extreme ?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by Tread, Apr 20, 2013.

  1. Tread

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    I have been looking for a commercial Mower for over two months. I have narrowed my search to Hustler X-One with a 24 horse Honda w/ 60” deck. (OR) Bad boy outlaw extreme with a 31 horse Kawaski w/61” deck. I will pay about the same price for both kinds of mower. The problem is that I mow over eight acres and need a good reliable mower. I have about pulled all of my hair from my head and need help pulling the trigger. (advise)
  2. jschultznorth

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    I have no experience with either but was debating between the xone and the deere 920 m same price 8k(54" decks) . The research and stuff I read about quality of cut and clumping issues made me choose the deere. Am very pleased with it so far.
  3. Tread

    Tread LawnSite Member
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    I have looked at the Deere 920 M and its a nice mower for the price. I am looking at service in the area where i live to add to the mess.
  4. Ridin' Green

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    Lots of guys having cut issues with the VX4 deck. Just do a search here. BB seems to be hit or miss on company/customer support, so I'd pass on them. The Deere is a nice enough machine ( I own a Z950A). You have a large dealership support network with branches in Mason, Williamston and others, and they also have one located right in Charlotte and another down in Rives Junction. The Deere will leave the nicest cut of any of them if you decide to look closer at them.

    It might be well worth your time to drive over to Williamston to Deercreek sales and look at the Snapper Pro Z's. They are Ferris mowers without the suspension system, and are very good mowers. The price is hard to beat too. Lot less than all the others generally, and sometimes you can get a lot more machine for the same price as the others. It just depends on what you want for options. They get very good reviews here too.
  5. retrodog

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    I would highly suggest leaning off the honda descision on motor amd lean into the kawasaki. I have grown to hate honda turf with the issues we had on the few running around not to mention the price of parts...seems like we have a charge issue on every one we've had out there, and the stator and regulators are ridiculous... on your descion, they both are nice mowers i carry both. The outlaw frame and deck are much stouter, they are both fast and cut very well. Hustler has an hour limit 4 year warranty bb has 2 yea r no limit warranty. I would drive both to decide your self, atleast thats what i have my customers do... bb usually falls in cheaper around the $8000 range where the xone is usually sitting around $9000 to $9500.. unless you are looking at xone-i version there is a huge difference in machine not having vx4 deck and the trannys...
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  6. aroddy

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    Definitely not the honda powered machine- I hate working on the Honda Twins!!!:hammerhead:

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