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    what are the pro's and con's on XONEi is it worth differance in price of Fastrac
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    The con would be the only bagger the X-ONEi uses hangs on the deck. If you are a home owner and are looking for a smaller deck to do your suburbia lawn I would go with the Fastrak family. If you need a wider deck, and a rougher lawn or putting a couple hundred hours a year on the machine, I like the X-ONE family.
    Ride them both and see how they feel. If you have hills or ditches take them both in the ditch. The answer will come to you. There are so many unknowns you need to sit in both machines.

    Brian O
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    I was poised to get a FTHD and ended up getting the XONE i because of the extra $1000 off deal they were running at the time. I am very much pleased with the mower, I mow around 3 acres and it hasn't had a hiccup and will go through some pretty tough grass with no hesitation at all. Yea, the FTHD has a little bigger motor but two hp more isn't enough to really notice IMHO. Remember, the Xonei is technically a commercial mower whereas the FTHD is considered residential.

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