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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by puppypaws, Nov 10, 2012.

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    This is for all the people that believe a Hustler Super Z can't cut grass at its faster top speed. I've never said it would give a perfect cut at full speed in all cutting scenarios, but I have always said it would give a good cut in southern stiff blade grasses at top speed.

    These pictures are detailed enough to see the edges of the grass where the blades made a good cut without leaving stragglers. I think you can see no deck can cut the dry stiff blade fescue any better than this 2006 year model XR-7 deck while running at 13 mph.

    Look closely, copy the image if necessary and blow it up as if looking at the grass with a magnifying glass, then give your opinions as to whether a Hustler Super Z is, or is not capable of giving a good cut at its very fast mowing speeds.

    These fusion blades have 50 hrs. of cut time on them, and were sharpened 5 hrs. before these photos were taken.

    Hustler XR-7 Cut (11-10-12) 1.jpg

    Hustler XR-7 Cut (11-10-12) 2.jpg

    Hustler XR-7 Cut (11-10-12) 3.jpg
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  3. puppypaws

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    Straight across the pond from where the mower is sitting is a slope where there is so much washboard effect I slow down to around 5 mph, if I didn't I could not stay on the mower.
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    Looks real nice
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    This is cutting at its easiest, southern stiff blade fescue, extremely dry (no rain in a month), but everything we are cutting (especially where leaves are involved) is aggravatingly dusty.
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    Why are you posting the old mower and not the new one?
  7. puppypaws

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    Showing that I would not flip a coin between my old XR-7 cut versus the new VX4 cut, they are both extremely good (to the point of perfection) when cutting in my dry southern grasses.

    There are things I like about the old mower over the new one. The old mower has no blowout, and this makes a tremendous difference in handling dry grass and leaves as I did yesterday. I ran the old mower all afternoon, my wife told me to use my mower and not hers, she said I was wearing her's out.

    The gas tanks on my old mower suits me much better than the new mowers tanks, but this difference was brought on my the EPA, not Hustler.

    I will give a slight advantage in ride to the new mower due to its longer wheel base and added weight (you can disagree with the weight part, but I know their is a difference because of the experience I have).

    I prefer the fuel injection engine on my old mower 10 to 1 over the carburetored Kawasaki. I started the big mower yesterday morning while it was around 40° and it was aggravating compared to turning the key, and the mower immediately running as with fuel injection. I had to play with the choke to keep it running for about 20 seconds, and this is just something I have not needed to do for many years.
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    I just do not like the weight for doing hills, it will also make the mower eat a little more fuel. What is the problem with blow out, can you fix it with different blades or moving the blades up some how?

    So you actually in some ways like the old deck better.

    The new mower overall is made alot better.
  9. puppypaws

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    You could drop the front skirt down into the "A" position, but I've heard stories of people hitting roots and rocks and bending the metal.

    Yes, there are things the old deck does for me that I feel is better such as mulching leaves, and moving them totally our of the cut pass, whereas with some blow-out the new deck may leave a minimal amount of leaf material in the cut pass. I could put a higher lift blade on the mower and possibly eliminate the blow-out, but it's not that severe, and like the conditions are here now, I've got the perfect mower for handling dry dusty grass and leaves. I've always preferred the fusion blades over any I've used, they just hold their cutting edge several times longer, and this is one reason I want go to a higher lift, the metal in the blades aren't up to fusion standards.

    The new mower has industrial hydraulics, whereas my 2006 model has commercial grade hydraulics, but when it comes to hydraulic smoothness and ease of operation they are equal. My wife likes the feel of the old mowers hydraulics when comparing to the new mower, she says (which they are) they are easier to move, and this is because the new mower's steering is somewhat more deliberate feeling. This is no more than what any different person may prefer, the old mower feels like it will drive itself, whereas the new mower feels like it needs to be driven.

    The mower I just replaced everything on is as near perfect as any mower a person could ever operate. You touch the key and the engine is running, you operate the hydraulics and they are as smooth as silk, the flex forks, flex seat base, and new Michigan Suspension Seat gives it an exceptionally good ride, the cut is extremely good at fast speeds (which I've got to have), and the fuel economy is that of a 10 hp less engine while being around .95 gph.
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    I feel the XR7 deck is superior to the VX4 on nicer lawns in my situation. I had far few issues with it in regards to clumping.
    Im hoping to hear from Hustler engineer regarding this problem.

    The older SZ is lighter and smaller making it much more nimble making it a great size for smaller lawns.
    The new SZ is better on bigger rougher lawns.

    No comparison with the fuel tanks. Old are much much better. I can believe how much fuel I waste every time I fill up. Thanks EPA!

    New hydro system is great. If it were on the old SZ, that would of been perfect!

    EFI/DFI is a no brainer. Weve been talking about this for years so no need to say any more about it.

    At the end of the day, my wish list is put the new hydro system and other upgraded components on the older frame with the XR7 deck. Oh, and add the 37DFI

    Only reason I bought the new SZ is because the old 08 one has 900hrs and I dont trust the hydros. Been down that road before with my first 04/05 SZ and lost thousand of dollars due to down time, repair and having to buy a new machine in the end.

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