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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing Equipment' started by puppypaws, Sep 23, 2013.

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    I've watched them laying drain tile on many farms about 30-60 miles from us. One of which I used to deer hunt on every year. It is an interesting process, and you are right- many farms really need the draining help or they never dry enough to allow the crops to grow, or for the large machines to be able to even get out on them to plant in the first place. Where I live, the water table is only about 12'-16' down at the most, and the soil is a sandy/loamy mix that drains easily- almost too easily. 30 miles in one direction from us though, is the lowest and wettest area in the state. It is solid clay that goes down for a long way. We need rain here at least once a week or the lawns and crops start drying out quick, yet out there they much prefer to have no rain for most of the summer months, so I understand your dynamics pretty well.

    Why is it that your newer SZ looks much higher in the front end than you old one? It looks like quite a difference in angle front to rear. It seems that with the rearward rake to the frame (which would make the front end lighter and skip over rough ground easier), and the flex forks and added length, that is what contributes to your ride quality.
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    Nice cut.

    I was looking at the Hustler TrimStar for hills & gatted properties, 36"
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    This is a perfect example of how photos can be really deceiving. There are contributing factors, for one thing the concrete is at it highest point where the front of the newer mower is sitting with downward fall towards the rear of the new mower. You will notice it is just the opposite where the older mower is sitting, with the rear sitting on the upward slope of the concrete, and the front sitting on the down-slope.

    You will also notice the front tires of the older machine are pneumatic with low air pressure, whereas the new mower has no lowering from tire pressure due to the run-flat tires.

    You can see there is a huge difference in the flex forks as well, the older machine has the first flex forks Hustler brought into existence, whereas the new machine has flex forks using a much stronger torsion rubber composition.

    The weight of the machine has everything to do with how flex forks perform, torsion rubber too weak with a heavier machine and the front will move up and down too easily. With torsion rubber to strong a lighter machine cannot benefit in ride quality because of allowing too little movement. This is a very fine line, and if the truth be known, different front end weight machines should be of varied rubber composition, not too stiff, but not too relaxed.

    There is also another part of this equation that must be taken into consideration, the flex forks on the older machine will be more fatigued from moving up and down thousands of times, whereas the new machine only has 90 hrs. reducing the mowing up and down movement times tremendously.

    The thing most don't think about is this, to cut the same amount of grass with the older machine that was cut with the new machine in 90 hrs., you would need probably 125 hrs. of cut time.

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    I was raised up in Hamlet, NC which is about 45 minutes from you and that sand will suck up water as fast as it falls. It can literally rain 3" and the next day be dusty dry. I live in Asheboro now and the red clay here is a whole different animal. I've worn rubber boots all summer long because of the rain.
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    This is a perfect example of difference in soil types and how it affects the soils moisture retention and relieving capabilities.
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    That is very interesting that your older mower was rebuilt. What if any failures caused this and how much does it cost to rebuild one completely as you have done. Both machines look very impressive by the way.
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    I normally would never do this, but for the fact my wife loves the mower and I needed to do a little additional work for tax purposes, and because I have a first class mechanic, I put everything in the mower new.

    There is another reason also that brought this about. I had a pump failure, and from information gathered, the old style pumps and wheel motors on the Super Z were good to around 1200 hrs. This is not to say some have not gone longer, but some less, and this is according to a close friend that was my dealer at one time.

    I decided to replace both pumps and wheel motors, and while the mechanic had the mower I told him to perform a leak down test on the engine, which honestly turned out good, but with a slight variance. When he told me the results, I asked him to physically examine the #1 cylinder that was slightly different. I was glad I did, there was considerable wear in that cylinder, but not enough to cause a failure at that point in time, but I knew it may not be long, most people would probably still be running the same engine, even for the fact they were adding more oil than would be normal consumption.

    I found a new Kohler 28 efi in the box and had it shipped to me at a cost of $1210.00, the cheapest I found the engine anywhere else was $2800.00. The engines were to be used by Great Dane, but when they went out of business they no longer needed this engine so Small Engine Warehouse bought the stock. They had 34 left when I purchased mine, how many they bought originally I have no idea, but they must have really gotten a very good deal.

    I decided to have everything done at one time, I also got a new Michigan (Milsco) suspension seat at no cost due to weld failures, meaning I bought the engine at much less than half price and got the new seat at no cost. This kept the cost much lower than would have been normal and the best I can remember I spent something over 4k.

    I have not regretted the total rebuild for one minute, there has been zero problems other than replacing one fuse holder.
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    You know, while sitting here looking at your mowers, I can't help but wonder if those "flex forks" would or could somehow fit on my Exmark?
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    Do you thing your wife preferring the old mower is just sentimental? there is no ? the newer mower is a much better made machine.
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    No, it's only a matter of what she is familiar with, and like I've said before, with both mowers setting there ready to mow, I find myself jumping on the old mower instead of the new one more times than not. They both operate differently, with the old mower feeling freer in operation (many call it loose), while the big mower is quicker to respond. I can say I love the feel of both machines, and have yet to operate any mower close in smoothness of operation to that of a Super Z.

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