Hustler Z 52" / 19hp Kawasaki

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    Parts on a Hustler are as about as easy to get as any other brand we deal with. If a dealer says that he must just be lazy and not want to order them.
  2. gene gls

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    I have had my Hustler sence 2002 and have had to have many parts ordered. My fastest next day delivery took 3 days and the longest took 7 days. The part that ticked me off the most was to be charged next day shipping when the part didn't get here next day. I learned fast not to order next day shipping.
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    So true that each dealer varies.

    There is a Ford dealer in town that I have had some issues with when my truck needed service or parts. Does that mean that Ford has trouble getting parts? No. There is another Ford dealer 15 minutes away and they have helped me many times with no delays.

    Again, each dealer varies, but since all are in business because of the customers, you would think they would each pay attention to this. But not everyone runs the same business.
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    I can understand that it mostly has to do with the dealer. If there would have been a Hustler dealer closer I would have taken another look.

    Speaking of dealers. I purchased a Toro from a dealer mostly because the parts guy has worked that counter since he was 14 (now in his mid 40's) I can walk in and say "I need that part thing that sits on the thing in the back" and he knows what I need first time. I don't have to give him a part number or model number. he remembers what you purchased. He is that good.

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