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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by David Haggerty, Jan 22, 2002.

  1. The manufacturers rep was at the CENTS show. I asked when they were going to go diesel. He said next year! Maybe kubota 3 cylinder. For only about an added $1,000.

    I know I'm just spreading a rumor, but could you imagine...


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    I think a diesel would be very nice because the 25hp kaw is not enough! I cannot beleve it would only be $1000 more than the gas unit! Everyone else is on average of $3000 more.
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    $3K to add to diesel to a mower! Man I know alot about mowers (not as much about ZTRs) but I didn't know that adding that cost $3k. Makes adding diesel to a truck seem like nothing. Does it really cost that much? If so, don't be suprised that I stick to my ways of w/bs.
  4. I'd bet the difference would be that Hustler wouldn't have to beef up the whole machine to handle a diesel. Because they overbuild all their equipment to begin with.

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    You must of spoken with Terry, He is working that show for me.
    I will be there for the Power Show, stop in and say hi.
    The diesel unit is in the works, some day, down the road a little bit.......We are quite busy working on some other items also.
    As far as additional price goes, there will be more than 1k, the engine alone will cost more than that to add to the unit. I think that Terry was stating that it would cost 1k more than a liquid cooled gas engine.
    We have to redesign the rear of the unit to put a horizontal shaft engine in that unit, also we have to drive the deck different than we do now.
    You are right we do build our units to last, they have quite a heavy frame.
    One thing you will see in the spring, is a Honda 24hp engine option on the Z's......we are testing them now as we speak........
    See ya at the show
  6. Thanks for the post.

    My son and I'll be at the power show. I'm looking at the tickets right now.

    I'll be looking forward to test driving that diesel Z. But then that Honda Z wouldn't be a slouch either!


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    DIXIE CHOPPER did'nt have to beef up there mower for the diesel and it costs more than a $1000 between it and the 25hp kohler version.
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    I just thought that I would point out that ENCORE on there prowler mower did'nt do any mower beef up either. Just thought I would mention that I would not personally buy an ENCORE rider, but there is a big price difference between the gas and diesel unit. I am sure that this holds true for most of the diesel powerd mowers.
  9. I guess putting a diesel engine in a mower is more than just bolting one on:

    1 Going from vertical to horizontal shaft engines means re-engineering the frame and PTO.

    2 Upgrading from air cooled to liquid cooled adds cost.

    3 More powerful engine adds cost. Even if hp is the same the torque's going to be much greater.

    I'd be willing to pay an extra $3K for diesel. I just wasn't seeing where all the the added cost came from.

    Thanks everyone.

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    This Diesel option often adds over 500 lbs to a typical air cooled gas powered ZTR.

    So....You take a 60" Hustler Z's approximate 1200 lbs (1190 to be exact) and add about 500 lbs to that. You are now close to 1700lbs WITHOUT gas or operator. Thats a 2000lb mower your riding on and making ruts with!

    The industry seriously needs to come out with a small lightweight Liquid Cooled V-Twin Aluminum blocked diesel in the 30hp range. Both Vertical shafts and horizontal shaft arrangements.

    There I go again, giving multimillion dollar companies usefull free ideas that they would otherwise spend millions on R&D!! :rolleyes:

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