Hustler Z Muffler Falls Off

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    I have a 2008 60" Hustler Z with a 25hp Kawasaki engine that I purchased new from the dealer at the end of 2008. I purchased this mower to use exclusively on my own 5 acre residential lot. It is always garaged when not in use. Last week with only 230 hours on the unit, the muffler bracket broke, and the muffler just feel off. Replacement muffler is $200.00. I could not believe it! I run Toros for my commercial cutting business, and I have never had a muffler fall off before in my 12 years of operation. After closer inspection of the mounting design for the muffler, I can better understand why it broke. Only one welded bracket holding it on. My concern now is that the next muffler will break in another 200 hours. Is Hustler aware of any issues with this muffler bracket breaking so easily?
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    We have a lot of those units in the field with the same set up for the muffler, I don't hear of it being a issue unless someone backed into something that hit the muffler.
    If the bolt is tight to the engine and the clamp on the bottom where it attaches to the pipe is tight, it should be ok.

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    I have tons of problems with my mufflers. 31 super Z's. I have had many mufflers crack. The real problem is that the motor mount bolts loosen up or break off altogether. Then the muffler is the only thing holding the engine. Since the muffler are so expensive I just weld them back up.
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    yeah i have also had the same problem, the muffler bracket is metal on metal and the vibrations just break through and off it falls
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    We see tons of issues like that. Small weld is cheaper than $200 :).
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