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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hawkeye, Jan 20, 2010.


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    I do know the bobcats/woods that I have used cut fantastic! And with no strip kit. Hustler on some of my stuff cut good and others was not the greatest but OK!

    Can you tell us the reason Hustler switched to the XR7 Deck?
  2. Lawnut101

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    Yeah, if you hit something hard enough to bend the frame of your mower, you will most likely also be paying to replace the thing you hit as well. A bent frame would most likely be the least of your problems....
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    jsut went on the hustler website for warranty info, its nearly identical to the bobcat with teh exception huslter had the lifetime frame warranty (who bends frames?), the never leak hoses (never had a leak on any) and the warranty on the front of the deck (nice but mowers keep getting heavier and heavier, need to cut weight somewhere. ive had an employee bend the front of my bobcat hitting a property marker but it was nothing a few hits with a sledge hammer couldnt fix)

    dont mean to be knocking hustler at but dont think the warranty is any better. again, all mowers cut, find a good dealer that will fix it quick when it breaks and buy the brand he sells
  4. RonAyersMotorsports

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    Yes they switched to the XR-7 deck because of cut quality when cutting taller grasses. The XR-7 deck is not only the thickest decks on the market with the best warranty, but one of the deepest as well, almost 6" deep. Designed with large discharge openings and baffles for better cut quality; then the old style decks now being used on Big Dawg mowers. And Now with engine options of 31hp Kawasaki's in combination with the XR-7 deck, we are getting great customer reviews. I don't sell anything less than a 31HP on any Super Z.

    As for warranties Bob Cat at first seems similar but not the same they warranty the deck for things like broken welds, but not if you bend it while mowing. And as for Hydraulic hoses warranties they don't have anything past two years. Most hydraulic failures in my experience were due to previously busted lines, that allowed the system to run dry and do damage. Sure a line can be fixed but usually the system is run dry before the problem is noticed and damaged pumps soon fail in months following the line repair. It's just nice to know when purchasing a Hustler they are not only made out of steel but that the manufacturer will stand behind leaks or breaks for LIFE!
  5. MONTE

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    So you are saying hustler will warranty Abuse? or Misuse? Is there somewhere we can see the hustler warranty statement?
  6. RonAyersMotorsports

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    Hustler says if you manage to bend the LEADING Edge while mowing in normal use or workmanship fails(welds) they will warranty the deck. If you drop is off a truck and bend the frame or deck then no.
    Complete details are in your dealers handbook.
  7. dbear

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    Then basically it's a bunch of nice words thinly disguised as a warranty. The use of the term "normal" suggests that any damage from say hitting a stump or well cap at speed, or using your own example, accidently drop it off a truck, could easily be considered to be abnormal, as in "not normal, average, typical, or usual; deviating from a standard; extremely or excessively large". In the end, you're left with nothing more than meaningless salespeak. Good luck with trying to collect on that one.

    Definition of "abnormal"
  8. RonAyersMotorsports

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    Actually your wrong. Been made aware of an instance where operator was running a machine downhill and hit covered man whole so hard it through the gentleman off machine, handles broke his ribs and bent front end of deck. Hustler replaced the mower deck, but not his Ribs. Should have been wearing the seat belt.

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    This is the only situation I have heard of the deck bending as well. Hustler did replace the deck. and the guy had alot of dowtime to heal.
  10. MONTE

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    Sounds more like they did it to stay out of a possible law suit.

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