Hustler Z or Bobcat Procat

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hawkeye, Jan 20, 2010.


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    How would that be a lawsuit? If you smash your car into a pole you cant blame Ford.
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    McDonald's coffee. Bobcat had a lawsuit were a guy was mowing around water flipped ztr in water couldn't swim and they got sued for not have a lifesaver on the mower. Welcome to America home were you don't work you just sue!!!

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    That is true, im gonna sew Dodge for makeing me want to buy a brand new truck every year and putting me in debt!!
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    So what is the deck depth of the old hustler deck? when the super z first hit the scene everyone raved about how good the cut was. then after a year or so it did not cut so good and later comes the xr7 which in some areas cuts better than other areas.
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    The original deck don't quote me on this but I think was barely 5" deep it was more like the depth of the decks we see on our Fastrak's and Super Duty's but these decks have been changed as well to enhance quality of cut.
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    wow so your dumb because you want a dodge and because you "sew" and "makeing" ha ha jk
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    Intriguing possibilities... this or this?

    Time's running out. :)

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    I just read this again and noticed it seems we are comparing a Super Z to a Procat model instead of the Predator Pro model. Not that it really matters on the bobcat because the Procat still has more power to the deck but if speed is the big thing the Predator should be the one you are comparing too or a standard hustler z.
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