Hustler Z or Bobcat Procat

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by hawkeye, Jan 20, 2010.

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    I bought 3 mowers from This guy thats sells online and this is how I found about him online. But I am in Indiana. Not very many dealers has the inventory that he has. I am talking 100-200 plus mowers probably more and he saved me alot of money. And I will go back to him and did for a friend when he seen mine and what I paid. He is maybe 100 miles from me. Not very many dealers around me has the inventory he does so you can look something over before buying and different brands side beside. Ive got to give him credit, he has a nice place and alot of mowers on display. Hes no different than a boat dealer in Tenn. C&O Marine they have the boats in stock to look at. It makes a difference when you want a mower. Hats off to him!!
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    Well sorry sounds like there is poor dealer and product representation in your area. It would be great if Dealer Reps would only set up with real ball players sometimes. Here we stock 17 different models assembled and ready to go or demo throughout the year. So its not a problem here. Its one thing to have hundreds of machines on hand but there only so many models. There is no need to stock 100's of the same thing when you can get them in 24-48 hours. And offer them at huge discounts to only make the same amount as other dealers. :dizzy:

    But I do understand why you did what you did in your area. :)

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