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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by cwlawley, May 9, 2006.

  1. cwlawley

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    I am in need of a ztr due to the number of large lots I have gotten over the past couple months. The old walk behind is killing me. So, I went to my local dealer and checked out the Hustler Z's. This is the only mower I have "really looked into" but I have general knowledge about other brands.

    I checked out the 52" 23hp kawi and I thought it was great. I wanted to know what everyone else thought of this machine. The price I was quoted was $6600.00, is this is a good deal?

    Like I said, I don't know much in the way of ztr's but it is a good looking machine. I am interested to know if anyone else has a better recommedation. My budget is max $6600.00 so that limits me. I want to get the best machine for that money though. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  2. Envy Lawn Service

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    Seems like a good price on the hustler, but I'm betting it's the Mini Z.

    Check out the Lesco Ztwo 54"
    And the Gravely PM 152 Z

    Both of these mowers should also be in your price range.
  3. cwlawley

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    It isn't the mini. It is the normal z, I made sure of that before I left. I'll check out those others though.
  4. DLS1

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    I have the Super Mini Z and I think is was about 6200 a few years ago. Check around sounds like he is high unless Hustler raised their prices a lot over the last few years. Check the Hustler web site for dealers in your area.

    If your were in Arkansas you can get them a whole lot cheaper at a dealer I bought my Hustler WB.
  5. excel25

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  6. DLS1

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    Wow those prices have gone up a lot in the last few years.
  7. Soupy

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    I had a 2003 Hustler Z with 23 Kawi and it is a nice mower. I have a 2005 Hustler Z 52" with the 27 hp Kohler and it's is awesome, powers through anything. I paid $7900 out the door last spring during rebates for the 52" 27 Kohler with a blow out baffle and suspension seat installed.

    Does the one your looking at have the new X-R7 deck?

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