Hustler Z/Super Z prices? Opinions?

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by Steve1, Jun 18, 2004.

  1. Steve1

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    I just talked with a local (about a half hour drive to the closest one) Hustler dealer who was very informative. He quoted me the following:

    Hustler Super Z:

    27 KH/60" - $7695
    25 KW/60" - $7595
    24 HO/60" - $7395

    Hustler Z with the optional suspension seat:

    27 KH/60" - $7445
    25 KW/60" - $7345
    24 HO/60" - $7145

    All prices do not include tax but do include setup and delivery. Your opinions on the Hustler product? I've read several good threads (via the search) on Hustler but a lot of them are older.

    How do you feel about the Super Z versus the standard Z?

    How do you feel about the Hustler vs exMark and Scag? (exMark and Scag are at the top of my list right now.) I'm going to buy one the first of next week so I'm looking for any additional insight that might convince me one way or another.

    I haven't demo'd the Hustler yet - hope to do that tomorrow along with a Grasshopper. Demo'd an exMark and a Toro yesterday and was very impressed with both units. Hard to choose one over the other in that race but I would probably lean toward the exMark only because the dealer is closer.
  2. Chad@LebanonTurf

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    We have Exmark Lazers, Toro Z Masters, and a Super Z from Hustler. The Super Z is only a year and a half old with probably about 800-1000 hrs but it has been the machine with the least downtime and is tough as nails. It will stripe very nicely, has the 25 kawasaki, and the suspension seat. The only thing I will have next time is a larger engine probably the 27 Kohler or the 28 EFI. I have the 26 EFI's on my Exmark and Toro and love them.

    To summarize, all three are excellent machines, but I will buy another Super Z when it is time to add or replace a unit. You will not go wrong with either of them. Oh yeah, I forgot to mention the Hustler is the easiest to operate because of the large pumps, less fatigue on your arms and very, very fast.
  3. supermini z

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    super z is worth it. it is only a few hundred dollors difference and it comes with larger pumps wheel motors and a suspension seat. I have that supermini and I am very pleased. As for exmark and scag. I do not like scag except there walk behinds. They have some problems with them and you can notice it by look what every body is buying hustler, exmark, toro, john deere. Not alot of people have them. As for exmark I do like them I used to have a walk behind and it was very well made. My top two brands are hustler and toro.
  4. Shady Brook

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    Those look like good prices to me. I was looking at a 27/60 Super Z for 8,095 just this eve. I could get one for $7595 a couple hours away, so you are looking good. If you go Hustler, get the Super Z. I am real close to going with the Super Z, maybe even in the morning. Compare those warrenty's, and I think the Super Z will look even more appealing.

    Keep us abreast.

  5. DennisF

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    I love my Hustler Z. It's very tough and has given me no problems at all. Very fast mower that produces a smooth cut. The Super Z has larger wheel motors and an oil cooler. It's also a little faster than the Hustler Z. Either would be an excellent choice.

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