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    From the first day I used my Hustler WB I knew it was the best machine going. However, by the end of the week I also realized, someone forgot something. Where was the adjustable top end limit which every other manufacture has on their machine? Sure you can adapt to carefully not rolling on too much throttle, but why bother? And, why is it on all other machines. We all know the Hustler can “one hand” it through a bunch of rose bushes, but if you jerk your hand, the machine is now going 5 mph and off to God knows where.
    I know the other 2 friends of mine who bought Hustlers had a Devil of a time making sure they didn’t accidentally add too much throttle and end up running after a machine doing 5 mph, when we walk at 3 mph. After watching me mow, and remembering how smooth and easy my machine was, which is why they bought a Hustler in the first place, they finally asked, “How come your machine is so smooth??”
    It was then I let them in on my secret. I added an adjustable top end limiter. It works using the “same spring system” which is already on the machine; therefore, it will take daily use without breaking. Very simply, I employed the exact same principle Hustler uses to stop the machine at zero ground speed, and modified it to limit the top end the same way.
    In operation, two thumb nuts hold a plate which limits the throttle springs just as Hustler does to “detent” zero ground speed. To change the top end limit, all that is required is loosening the two thumb nuts and moving the adjustable plate. The great part of this upgrade, is, just like adding more speed during going backwards, even though the top speed has been set, “if” you need more speed to go up a hill, or quickly go move to another lawn, “overriding” the spring tension is all that is needed. Then, when you want to go back to normal walking speed, just relax your grip, and you’re right back walking the lawn at 3 mph or whatever you’ve set the top speed to.
    With the ability to roll on the throttle, knowing the machine won’t accidentally jump to 5 mph, but always stop at 3 mph, mowing can fun again, and anyone with absolutely no experience can instantly become a safe and productive operator. I know my dealer has mentioned more than once that guy’s would try the Hustler, but would walk away from it, not saying “why”, but just that didn’t feel comfortable using the H bar steering. I know my wife, mowing partners, Dad and brother, “all” shied away from the Hustler, until I made the upgrade to a top end limiter. Now, at 88, my Dad actually feels comfortable using the Hustler.
    I’ve supplied pictures of the upgrade, and can be emailed if you guy’s have any questions. This part now makes the Hustler WB “Perfect”, which until now was only “the best”!!! Sorry about the pic, but the file size allowed, gave a bad pic. I have great pics if you want to email me. Thanks,
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