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  1. fire2medic87

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    New to site... I'm looking at trading in my Hustler Z 25hp Kawi on a new 31hp model. I've been reading some threads that are a bit discouraging to say the least. With these things in mind, how many hours should I expect to get out of my current mower??

  2. lkendall

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    I have the 31 hp model and I love it. When its in the shop I have been lent the model with the 25 kawi and I like it as well. Honestly I couldnt really tell a difference, maybe in real thick grass I could. The only thing was the 25 was a little easier on the ears. Why do you want to make the trade? Dealer says they have a guy that runs 3 hustler super z's and they currently are right at 2000 hrs and still mowing every day.. Depends how you use them and how you maintain them..
  3. SLMGT

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    I would put the Super Z up against any other mower.:usflag:
  4. jay_mc1

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    I agree. I have run many different zero turns over the years and the super z is by far the best one out there as far as im concerned. I currently run 6 super z's and will continue to untill proven that there is a better machine.
  5. daniel1015

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    I agree with both of the post above me. Check out my thread to see how they cut. We have one with a ton of hours and a brand new one. I have also used many different kind of mowers. My favorite is by far the hustlers
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  6. Hustler59

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    I agree, I have had many different Hustlers from the 52" Super Mini Z to the 72" Super Z. They are in my opinion the best ZTR's out there. I will say that the new Super Z's with the 37HP Kawasaki and Hyperdrive are awesome, but they are not as easy on the fuel as my 31HP Kawasaki models.
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