Hustler Z

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by jcoat, Nov 14, 2000.

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    Or just click on the Hustler Banner Ad that is on the top right corner of this page so Lawnsite gets credit for it. Just another thought. :)
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    my bad... hey, I received the CLIP software the other day... haven't tried it though...
  4. dylan

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    Looks nice.
    Sounds like they have lots of good features.

    12.2 gallon fuel capacity
    At 75", the shortest Z in the 60" class
    29" seat height - lowest in the industry
    Twin-lever steering with integral park brake system
    23HP Kawasaki engine
    11 mph
    Foot-operated deck height adjustment
    Two cup holders molded into the left side fuel tank :0 !!!

    Has anyone bought one?
    Let us know what you think.
  5. mowerconsultant

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    these units are not available yet.
    they will be soon though.
    call your hustler dealer
    we just unveiled this unit to the public at the gie show last week
    they are a awesome cutting unit, and they handle and drive like a sports car. best z for cutting slopes and hills I have used in a while.
    I have been demoing the hustler z I have to dealers.
    call your dealer and find out when they will have them and how much they are selling them for
    I would get your money down on one soon because they are going to be a popular unit.
    check em out !!!
  6. dylan

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    I wonder why they did not put their H-bar on the z. They have it on their other z turns. Would the two levers be easier than the H-bar or did they want a machine that is more conventional looking?

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