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  1. Brendan Smith

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    I am going to have to buy a new mower next season and thought I'd start researching different products now. I was pretty much set on ex-mark, but now I'm wondering about hustler, dixie chopper, and john deere also, mainly because i have heard that some of the ex-marks are difficult to maintain. By no means am I bashing ex-mark, just going by what i have heard. I haven't really considered other brands because these brands have local dealers and if I have a problem, I need to be able to take the mower to the dealer on my lunch break from my regular job. The closest scag dealer is like 40 miles away which is too far. any thoughts on the above listed brands would be appreciated. I am especially looking for thoughts on ease of maintenance, reliability, etc. There is not much that I can't do myself as far as repairs but really don't want to sink 5-8k into a mower that needs to be repaired frequently. feel free to share any thoughts, please.
  2. John Gamba

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    DEMO all you can:usflag:
  3. TLS

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    I wouldn't let one post about difficulty wrenching when replacing parts on the HP line of eXmark ZTR's shy you away from them.

    The amount of engineering in the fullsize Lazer will astound you. Comparing them to a DC will amaze you.
  4. puppypaws

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    Demo all you can but try the Hustler last then they will not have to take it back to the dealer.
  5. 7 IRON

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    Do You Have a Deere Dealer Close To You?I Know That Deere Has A Demo Program Available Plus If They Really Want To Sell You a Commercial Machine,They Should offer You A Loaner When Needed.
  6. qball98

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    I have an Exmark LazerZ HP for 3 years now and it has been a great machine the only thing that is hard to work on is the pump drive belt. It is a real pain to get the belt on and get the tension spring reinstalled. I suspect that that is the case with all of the mowers that use a vertical crankshaft engine because the belt is under the mower frame. Other than that it has been a great mower.
  7. Envy Lawn Service

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    Well, with the new XR-7 deck I believe Hustler might go to the top of the heap now.
  8. Adam3669

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    look into wright
  9. cbelawn

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    My first mower was a Toro walkbehind with T-bar steering becuse at the time i had a broken finger and it was all i could steer. I never would have thought about buying a Toro at the time and now i love the thing.
    I did a lot of reading and found i liked the Huster the best and it fell into the price i wanted to pay. I had run an exmark the year before with no probloms (old machine). My advice is to buy the machine from the dealer you feel will help you the most. I can fix anything myself so i was not worried about support. In fact my hustler dealer is gone now and the others near me are a pain to work with. When you get right down to it they are very close in design and if you are smart, you will figure on getting a new one before its too old to maintain.
  10. mowerman90

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    I think you're wise to consider checking these machines out before you plunk down your hard earned cash. You're looking for reliablility and ease of maintenance, so let's do some comparisons. Let's see, what size hydro pumps do the Exmarks use, I believe 10cc, JD's are 10cc, Dixie doesn't list them on their website so I don't know about them, Hustler uses 21cc. I'd say bigger is always better! qball98 has an Exmark and thinks the Hydro belt is hard to change. Well, I've got a Hustler Super Z and can tell you that you don't even need tools to change either the Hydro belt or the blade belt on a Hustler! Oh, and by the way, the Hustler has a ground speed of 15mph!!! Don't believe it, try the rest and then buy the best, a Hustler! That's why I'm buying another one this year!

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