Hustler's With High Hours

Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by puppypaws, Sep 23, 2007.

  1. puppypaws

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    Lets here some feedback on the number of hours you have on Hustler mowers and what problems you have seen. What are the weak points that give the most trouble.
  2. Mickhippy

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    04 (bought in 05) SZ28/60
    In no particular order...
    All deck pullies replaced under warranty.
    2 or 3 ignition switches.
    Fuel pump.
    Throttle lever.
    Numerous belts, drive and deck.
    Some seal/gasket had to be replaced, was leaking oil. Was a pull engine out and apart fix under warranty.

    I know Ive mentioned these in another thread but you asked the question so....

    Biggest weak point for me are the belts, without doubt. I dont do the slopes I used to either, one or 2, but generally just basic dips and risers like drains etc.
    Its not really the cost but the hassle in replacing them and if the deck belt goes, it can take out the drive belt, or vise versa.
    I think the azz end is to low, and or the deck is to low, deck and azz end hitting gutters, gut hung up on sharp transitions etc.
    Larger diameter drive tires.
    Need higher hp to run the hydros (we know that though). I think higher hp and more torque hyrdos (but still able to get the speed) would be good.
    Would love to see shaft driven deck and horizontal shaft to change belt configuration. (Like Scag set up)
    28hp Kubota diesel or something.
    They should bring back the short wheel base.
    Tie down spots.
    Storage compartments.
    Standard 12v plug and ability to run lights.
    Some things are difficult to access like the hydro release valve (control panel side) and cooler in the spoiler is a bit of a pain to take out and clean. The hydro filter is a bugger also.
    Removable folding ROPS as standard.
    Dont know if this is possible but foot operated breaks on the front casters and drive wheels.
    Fuel lines that draw from both tanks rather than one at a time, selectable of course.
    Anti scalp wheels that actually work, like on tractor mid mount decks or out front mowers.
    Get them flex forks sorted. Im not going to buy a pair every 150 hours or what ever.
    I think a cover for the engine would be nice to keep noise down. With holes in the right spots of course.
    I think the castors on the new machines are off set arent they? I would like them even on both sides, for that across slope "terracing" problem. (re the anti scalp wheels also)
    A tach, hour meter, clock and stopwatch fitted to the control panel.
    Mud guards to the front castors to stop clippings etc getting on the deck. New tanks are flared arent they?
    The valves on the castor tires are a bugger to check pressure. Need to use the pen type gage but I like the dial sort but the angle and the forks make it impossible.
    Smooth front casters.
    Longer peg on the foot deck lift "thing" and place further away from operator. (adjustable)
  3. tacoma200

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    Wow, lots of repairs, how many hours?
  4. grasskicker71

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    Have you had any problems with your super z's.By reading on here at all the posts on hustler mowers it looks like you have had two or three. I think I really want one, then you see a few posts that make you think maybe not. I know three guys that have them. One guy has 2 regular z's, loves them. He did have the PTO clutch replaced under warranty on his 2007 66" 27HP. He said the new clutches were not adjustable like the old ones. He also has a 2004 23 HP 60" with around 800 hrs on it, deck idler pulley broke around 600hrs. My neighbor has a 2004 super z 60 25 kaw. not a minutes trouble 740 hrs. Thanks.
  5. Lawnshow

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    We have had some issues with our Hustlers. One of our machines has around 300hrs on it and we have had spindle problems on the back pack bagging system or discharge side. The pulley and spindle had come loose at some point and started to wabble around. I knew something was going really wrong when we started chewing the impeller belts. I also noticed the cut was suffering on the discharge shoot blade. We did some testing and found that the entire spindle, blade, and pulley was loose. Found that the this blade was cavatating under the deck causing poor cutting performance.

    The sad news was that I had this spindle assembly was replaced 2x with in 300hrs. The good news was the dealer stepped up to the plate and replaced everything. The deck was eventually given the "upgrade" and we have not had problems with the deck since. We also have not thrown any belts.

    For us, the Hustler is a sound machine but I think the liquid cooled machines do not climb hills as good as the air cooled units. Anyone else find this out? We just had a liquid demo and it was terrible going up steep hills. The air cooled 30hp Kohler unit smoked it and was several hundred dollars cheaper! I was promised that the new XR-7 deck had the spindle issues figured out and the cut would be a lot better. I did notice some improvements in the cut quality, but I still think a big walk behind cuts better then any rider out there. I guess I am still old school. Put thousands of hours on those old decks and as long as our maintenance program was in place, they seemed to never have a problem.

    I think that our next machines are going to be back to the ExMark 60" turf tracers. Alot have tried to come close, but that machine is sweet on hills and the cut quality is very good. Just my .02
  6. YardPro

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    we have 4 hustlers, and used to use exmark and toro.

    the hustlers for us have been the least amount of problems.
    the biggest complaint is no guard on the muffler, and if something hits the rear motor guard ( the one with the word hustler cut out of it) it bends and pulls or pushes on the muffler which in turn breaks off the little mount on the head that it is mounted to. this makes it leak oil like crazy out of the head.

    this has happened several times.

    other than that we have had no issues with the mowers.

    as for the problems that mickippy had, they are mostly motor issues, and the kawie's are used across many brands, so i do not attribute motor issues with the mower manufacturer.

    i think the hustlers are head and shoulders above the toro z masters (we have one of those as well). They are about $1K or so more than the comparable toro, but we feel that they are more than worth it.
  7. puppypaws

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    Most of these are things he would like to have if he had one custom built.

    This is a very good thread which Hustler will read, tell them what you want or don't like about the Super Z at this time.

    Talk to them, they are listening...

    I have had no problems except the flex forks which is an add on got weaker over a period of time.

    This 2006 66"/28efi has been flawless in every respect, I broke a hydraulic belt which was caused by a stick getting between the belt and pulley (no fault of the mower). I have around 280 hrs. on this one and it does a fantastic job for my application.
  8. supercuts

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    buddy has a super Z, only 1.5 years old, had bad pulleys and 2 hydro pumps
  9. lawnspecialties

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    My 2005 SuperZ (26 hp Kawasaki LC) goes into the shop tomorrow for it's first "real" repair. It's got around 850 hours. I don't consider pulleys real repairs since they are almost a yearly thing on every mower I've had.

    There is a "key" between the pulley and the shaft in the spindle. Half of the key fits into a groove in the pulley and the other half fits into a groove in the spindle shaft. This key is basically the connection between the pulleys and the spindles. Well, I noticed a "chatter" recently coming from the right spindle and after investigating, the groove in the spindle shaft is about twice as long as it should be. This is causing considerable movement of the key and its only getting worse. They say they may have to replace the whole spindle. Fortunately, Hustler has a three year warranty on spindles.:)

    Other than that, no real problems out of the ordinary.:)
  10. gene gls

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    I think its funny, My dealer used to tell me I was the " only " one with problems. There was always some Hustlers waiting to be worked on at his shop. It was " first in- first out" . Its about time people started speaking out about the problems. Hustler Corp took back my first 60" Z and up graded me to the Super Z 60". I got 2 more HP and the same problems with the S/Z as I had with the Z because they both had most of the same parts. It probely has spent as much time setting in the dealers yard waitting for repairs as it has in my yard. Its a 2002 Kawi 25/60 Super Z. I now have a little over 2000 hours, its paid off and I parked it in April. As far as problem parts. Several spindle bearings untill I removed the seals and made the spindles greasable. I'm on my 6th PTO clutch. At 900 hours I lost my 4th hydro-wheel motor and replace the whole hydro system with the ATZ system, so far it has been fine. Idler pullys, hydro belt, relays, choke cable, bac-vac unit ate belts all the time. I bought it for the vac unit because I collected most of my properties. At the time, Hustler had the only mower on the market that one man could remove and replace the vac by him self with out tools. There is a lot of room for improvement on the Hustler. For thoes that haven't had problems with thier Hustlers, consider yourself very lucky.

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