Hybrid Bermuda in Transition Zone

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by mikeslawncareservice, Feb 9, 2009.

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    Anyone in the Transition Zone seed or sod with Hybrid Bermuda or planning on doing so this year?

    What has been your experience(s)?
    Worth the cost?
    Hot Summer Survival?
    Time to green up in Spring/Fall Dormancy?

    It seems like I'm losing too much grass during summer due to drought stress and customers do not want to foot the bill for added watering.

  2. I suppose you mean Princess hybrid seed? Only one I read about. Otherwise its Tifway/Tifdwarf type which is propigated by stolon, plugs, sod.

    Just insist on more watering. Otherwise, you will only get the same results. Are you using reel mower? May need to change to rotary and increase cutting height to 3in. I am assuming you already do something as the season gets hotter.

    These are high end grasses and should be given the level of care to maintain them as intended. Could change out to more drought tolorant varieties....come to think its tuff to find something much more tolerant. You will reach a certain point with any grass and it will go down.

    Yah, more water.....only solution.

    Make sure you have control over the timer, and usually its best to water deep and less frequent...train those roots to go deep. Hold back on the fert. (you know this, so I'm rambling on at this point).


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