hybrid work truck?

Discussion in 'Trucks and Trailers' started by Drew Gemma, Feb 26, 2006.

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    When will the real demand be filled? A work truck 3/4 ton or 1 ton that is fuel efficient and still can pull a load. All these hybrids and fuel efficient vehicles limit you to no towing power? We are the real consumers on this we drive everyday spending too much on fuel day in and day out. Where is are relief at?
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    The dodge cummin's get great mileage.

    I have seen em pulling 24' enclosed at 75mph and getting 20-21mpg with a jeep loaded inside.

    The truck had some mods but not much (chip/straight pipe) also a 6 speed manual.

    As for big loads a friend was pulling 14,000 lbs in north Carolina mountains uphill doing 70mph and getting 10-12mpg.

    Keep in mind this was a 45' gooseneck with two jeeps on the back. It was tandem axle and dual wheels, a lot of drag there. Plus me and 2 other adults inside.

    Thats pretty impressive I would say.

    Now if they made them diesel/electric like mine haul trucks that could save some fuel.

    Turn the engine off when decelerating or at a stop.
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    The diesel hybrid sprinter delivery trucks are in test now, they will be best, but, likely for package delivery. (another of my 'part-ime' jobs...) Delivery truck often get multi shifts and 16-20 hrs/day, with many stops, a perfect way to perfect hybrid technology and re-gen brakes...

    for our Landscape work,. I use my Cummins diesel for Med-heavy :weightlifter: towing (2000 - 18,000# trailer + equip), BUT... my VW diesel pickup :cool2: cost me $200, and I frequently tow over 1000# ;) It gets 50 MPG running around doing quotes / and day jobs, but only gets 40mpg when I tow :cry: I stuck a 1.9L from canada in it, now I have 70 HP!! instead of 48 (all blocks same mounts, '76 - 99.5) If I have to tow real heavy :weightlifter: :weightlifter: I use a rental dump $175/day, or Really, Really heavy :weightlifter: :weightlifter: :weightlifter: I use a kenworth t800 and 32 ft triple axle (85,000GCVW) Heavier than that I contract out

    Of course you can 'brew your own' Biodiesel for $.70/gal with free grease. Check out the 'appleseed' processor

    so... get an older cummins ($3500-$7500 17-22 mpg) and brew your own (be sure to ungrade your 'lift pump, and install a fuel pressure gauge) Or of you want a cool economy truck that makes a statement, find a 'early 60's Studebaker with a detroit diesel (hard to find), I got 15 MPG hauling 25,000# all over Wyoming, and SD - very retro- VERY noisy, but :cool2:

    for lighter loads there were also some really nice HD mini trucks offered in diesel Mitsu, Izuzu and Dodge Ram (D50) in the mid 80's, but... they only get 30 mpg (that's about what my friend's early Prius gets:rolleyes:(and it REQUIRES FOSSIL FUELS :nono: ) I have a fleet of 26 VW diesels most I got for $35 -$100, and they would get crushed by my dozer :)hammerhead:, I do that on occasion for fun) if they ever dropped to 35 mpg

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