Hydraulic Design?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by work4green, May 22, 2004.

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    I'm designing some new equipment but I'm on a little snag- I'm not real familiar with hydraulic operating/design principles. I'm specifically looking at how to match pump/motor types, flow rates, displacement, pressure, etc. Does anyone know of a good source of info? Books, net, personal experience?

    I've found a few suppliers for parts but am still looking for more. Hehe, if anyone has an old z-turn they dont want the old hydraulics from feel free to throw them my way;)

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    What are you trying to design? You might try the local library. You should be able to find books on design and basic hyd principles. Or do like I do sometimes and use a "chinese blueprint"! Look at other machines with simular applications and see what they are running for engines, motors and pumps.
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    Reverse engineer your project.
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    sorry, I'd rather not say specifically what I'm designing so far... maybe I'll post pictures of it when I can build it but so far would prefer to keep any design ideas... quiet...
    I have looked at other machines that work on the same principles to get ideas, but really need to take some pictures some time and just sit around studying...

    burn... I'm basically reverse engineering a lot of it, but really want to fully understand everything thats going on, so I can make the best choices on which components I need. It will also help in the future when I break something(hehe... with me, its inevitable!)

    TRex, thanks for the link. That is very helpful. Now I just need to find the time to read it ;)

    If anyone else comes across something(or has .02 to spare), please let me know... I'm searching for as much info as I can possibly absorb!

    Thanks all,

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