Hydraulic lift dump bed Ford, Chevy, & GMC Trucks

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    I have a hydraulic lift dump bed that first Chevy or GMC pickups 88-99 and Ford pickups 89-98 with no modification other than drilling holes. It can fit other makes and models with a little work if you know how to weld and have some metal. This is the type that goes on your trucks frame under the bed and lifts your entire bed, it is not an insert. It is made by Venco, model number VP6R. The information for this body can be found here http://www.venturo.com/demo/products/venco_pickup/vp6r.htm The optional bumper and safety prop are included as well.

    This is a heavy duty dump bed. It is made of very thick steel, rated for 3 tons, and costs over $2,000 to buy new. The cheaper ones you see are usually rated at less than 2 tons, are made of lighter metal, and may require more assembly work.

    All the parts to install it are there, the pump, body itself, hinges, solenoids, wiring, switch, etc. The only things you need to supply are some bolts and fluid for the pump. I removed it from a 1990 K2500 a few months ago and it is in perfect working order.


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