Hydraulic Line Warranty Against Leaks

Discussion in 'Hustler Turf Equip (Archived)' started by puppypaws, Jul 25, 2006.

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    PJ the warranty states that my Hustler Super Z is warranted against hydraulic leaks for the life of the mower. There was a post on LawnSite that stated the stainless lines would not leak but the threads on the ends of the lines would wear from vibration and began to leak and the person said this was not covered under the lifetime leak warranty. I do not understand this because a hydraulic leak is a leak no matter where it is, can you please shed some light on this subject. He also said this is why he did not buy the Hustler but I found that to be a sort of a weak reason, there is no mower made that is perfect but Hustler strives for as much perfection as possible.
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    There is a lifetime warranty against hoses and fittings leaking.
    I am not aware of there ever being a problem with this warranty, if it was denied I am not sure why it would be.

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    Mowerconultant, this post on lawnsite has me curious. Would you comment on it and let us know if you have had any problems like this: Quote follows
    "Hustler has simply gone to stainless steel lines, granted "they" do not leak. But with vibration what they do is eventually eat out the threaded connection at both ends. Your chance of doing thread repair on aluminum cast is null. Guess what this is not covered by warranty. This is why I did not buy a Hustler. If you have ss lines on your mower it would be wise to attach some rubber damper/supports. This will limit the amount of movement. BTW Prior to working as an adjuster, in my younger years I worked as an industrial instrumentation tech. Many, many miles of stainless steel tubing run. We always used "rubber" at the termination point on all rotating / vibrating equipment."

    Another quote"
    "Just got off the phone with Hustler Warranty Dept.

    The fittings are warrantied.

    The tubing is warrantied.

    Should vibration "wallow" out the (female threads)threaded connection in the aluminum housing of the pump or motor it "IS NOT COVERED" . You will have to replace pump or motor ! ! ! Not enough room on fitting boss to retap to next size. Heli-Coil will not seal for a hydraulic system . . . .

    I have never heard of anyone with this problem on a Hustler so I would like your input, sincerely Tacoma200.
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    There are no problems with "wallowing" or with the stainless lines for that matter, its a great design and works awesome.
    I posted in that thread also.
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    I'm sorry here...but being an Engineer I gotta step in.

    If your hydro system is loose enough to wallow out the female end you will certainly have a leak. If you have a leak...then you should fix it and not ignore it to the point of "wallowing". SS lines are not a bad design and the idea of going to a rubber bushing is awful. That simply adds places to leak.

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    The guy who said that seems to be very anti Hustler from what Ive read.
  7. mowerconsultant

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    I combined these 2 threads...........

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