Hydraulic oil reservoir cleaning


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Good morning!

I need some ad use on a couple things. I have an older Scag Turf Tiger 61” deck mower that I’m changing the right hydro pump on. I’ve drained the oil from the reservoir, the filter is off and draining as we speak. The reservoir has a magnet in it that has done its job catching all the metal from the old pump I changed. I have cleaned the tank, used a magnet to get as much of the fragments and shavings of metal off the magnet in the tank, that I can, I think! Is there a better way to do that and just how spotless does it have to be before refilling and running the machine? Which leads to my next question: what’s the full, right steps to refilling, bleeding air out, then running? Right now the back end is jacked up so both wheels are off the ground. I’m just getting ready to put it all back together!