Hydraulic problems on Hustler Fastrack Z

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by lmaddoxrn, Aug 9, 2007.

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    I bought a Hustler Fastrack Z 48 about 5 years ago. I had trouble with the hydraulic system the first week I had it. After about 2 hours the hydraulics would get week and you would need to let it cool for a hour or so. You were then good to go for another 2 hours. During the 3 years warranty I had it in the shop at least 6-8 times same problem. They finally replaced the pump on one side. Now I can only mow about 20 minutes and have no warranty. My dealer says the pumps are over 900.00 which doesn't fix the problem anyway. Any ideas anybody Help please. Thanks Leland
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    This is a long shot but you may have air in the system. Try this. Jack up the drive wheels so they are off the ground. Then start the engine. Set the engine throttle at idle. The move the controls to forward and then reverse a dozen times or so slowly. The run the engine up to full throttle and move the controls to forward and then to reverse a dozen times or so slowly. To remove air the wheels must not have any back pressure on them as they would when you are mowing. You to to do the air purge set up I just told you about when you change the fluid or filter to remove air from the system. Hope this helps. Also make 110% sure the right fluid is being used. Just had to replace a hydro pump burned up from using the wrong fluid. He tried to use ATF Dextron III in an Eaton pump, it did not work.
    Good luck
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    Although it isn't a Z, hydraulic, or a Hustler, I have been having the same problem with my JD LX277. It took about three years for it to start happening, and it progressively got worse. It started in the middle of the third yard on a hot day. Then it got so bad, it would start happening in the middle of the first yard on a not too hot day. I was able to make it better by changing the filter and fluid, which the dealer claims they have never had to do on that model. But it still seems to slow down after a while. It would also begin moaning louder, the longer I ran it, and the slower it got. It is the same sound you get when you first operate the hydrstatic pedals after filling the system back up from empty. I even split the cases, and everything looked and measured perfect inside. I am stumped, and so is the dealer, they claim they have never seen it, and claim they can't duplicate it on my mower when I take it to them.

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