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    I have a Woods 6182 that I need to replace the left hydro stat pump on. From every one I have talked to, they say that unless it is rebuilt with new pistons and other internal parts that it will not last long, replacing the seals alone will not do it. Has anyone here had one of these pumps rebuilt? Also I understand that you can get the replacement pump from the Eaton corp. and save a ton of money doing so, has anyone bought one of these pumps from one of their dealers? If so what are the part numbers and what did it cost? I have been to the Eaton website but it does not give you details about the companies that use their stuff.Thanx for any help you can provide on this.

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    Try JThomas. They sell remanufactured Eaton pumps and transaxles. If you send them your old unit you'll save on the core charge. Good luck, Russ

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    You Grass Hopper guys could be helpful on this, since these machines are practically the same. Thanx again

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