Hydraulic System Oil ???

Discussion in 'Heavy Equipment & Pavement' started by Bings, Aug 21, 2004.

  1. Bings

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    My owners manual on my New Gehl skid steer calls for "Mobil DTE 15M or equivalent which contains anti-rust, anti-Foam, and anti oxidation additives, and conforms to ISO VG46" Problem is I cannot find it anywhere, Napa, Auto zone, ect. my dealer only has it in bulk. I would like to know what is the equivalent in other brands. Anyone got any ideas on this?. Also I checked The Mobil
    website and DTE 15M is not even listed. Maybe the manual is outdated? Does it REALLY matter, or can I just do as my friend does and just use Hydraulic oil of any kind. Any opinions would be appreciated.
  2. olderthandirt

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    Mobil one oil 20-50 weight , just went through with the mobil reps last wk. Mobil DTE 15M is the same thing but its the bulk number that Mobil uses for its dealers. Do not use hydralic oil as they don't mix.

  3. Bings

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    Thanks Mac,
    Can Anyone tell me what a equivalent would be in some other brands??? I would like to be able to just drop by a auto parts store and pick up some as I need it. My dealer is 15 miles away.

  4. ratherbeboating

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    Along the same lines of this oil topic.....Olderthandirt mentioned not to mix the reg oil and hydro oil.

    I just bought a new holland ls160 and was reading the manual last night, it mentioned that the hydro oil I should use is normal 10w-30 oil, Nothing about being hydro oil or transmission fluid.

    why do these things use regular oil rather than hydraulic fluid? All the other hydraulic things I have use Tranny fluid/hydro fluid, log splitter etc......

    seems that all fluids (crankcase oil, hydraulic oil, hydrostatic oil) used on this NH ls160 are 10w-30........this sure does make it easy for maintenance.

  5. Crystal Brook Landscape

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    ISO VG 46 is what you want to look for. If it calls for this stay away from the multiviscosity grade oils, ie 10w 30. Call any oil distribution center they should be able to tell you what you need. Hope this helps.
  6. earthwerks unlimited

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    My New Holland LS180 uses motor oil for hydraulic fluid. My dealer said the reason is it has anti-corrosive properties. But my NH TC33D tractor uses a special weight oil siilar to power steering fluid---very clear and thin.
  7. lamster

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    in witch intervalls you chance the oil of your skidloader ?
    my dealer says "chance it every 500 Hours"
    and I know gehl has much problems with the drive engines at the 5640 (i also needed a new drive-engine at 700 Hours !)

    I will use the DTE 15M from mobile, with no problems

    witch gehl you have ?

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