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Discussion in 'Irrigation' started by mrsteve, Nov 2, 2012.

  1. mrsteve

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    Ran into this guy and need some help. If possible I want to try a rebuild. The place I use to get old stuff has closed down and the local distributors are of no help. The valve is at the foot of a big oak and is a copper pipe system. Relocate and replace is a last resort, but may be the only way. I can flip the seat but I have to have a new diaphragm. Anybody ever make their own diaphragm? If so were did you get the material. The valve has Texas Lawn Sprinkler Co. on the top and is probably a 2" I haven't seen the pipe yet, too many roots. A Weathermatic 3" diaphragm is close in size around 7" diameter, but I need just a flex diaphragm the seat is separate on this valve. Open to any ideas. I've even thought about spraying the old diaphragm with that rubber sealer they advertize on TV for gutters.



  2. RhettMan

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    bet you 5 bucks the pigtail boss knows your answer
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    Yeah, it was a shame Riggs closed. Did you find the solenoid at the end of the copper tube or did the copper go to a bank of solenoids by the house? It's been my experience that your pipe will be copper. Put in new. I know you have a lot of roots, but reroute. In the long run it's better. If you have any problems later with this valve, it will be your nickel.
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    You are almost at the piping already what's from stopping you to re-route and replace

    Why take the risk and assume the liability of dealing with the unknown that You don't have the exp or knowledge on.

    I vote provide the cost for a replacement and let that person take it or leave it
  5. mrsteve

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    The exhaust tube runs about 100' to a Richdel 205. Not sure were the 205 is sending the water to. The reason I don't want to reroute is the roots have grown solid around the piping. I'm talking the size of your leg. True it's just a matter of time before the roots win over the copper. This tree is 3 to 3 1/2' diameter. If I can get a rebuild to go a few years it will outlast the owner and this place will be a tear down for a mac mansion with the next owner. This is why you should keep the main and valves far away from trees. Even small trees become big trees. I was on an install I did twenty five years ago this week and saw the same thing happening. Tree roots pushing the main and laterals around. That tree was little when I installed the system. My valve was a good six feet from the tree and now is totally encased by roots.
  6. mrsteve

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    Found a place that makes hoses and rubber stuff (Texas Rubber). Got them to cut a round out of a similar material for the diaphragm, just needs bolts holes punched. Also got a new seat. Going to give it a try.


  7. Wet_Boots

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    Roll-your-own diaphragms may only work with diaphragms that begin their life completely flat. Keep us informed.

    Thing looks like a copy of a Buckner valve design.
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    that thing looks like a pos and pita
  9. Kiril

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    I'm gonna bet the mesh material on the old diaphragm plays an integral part in the opening and closing of the valve.
  10. White Gardens

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    Agreed. The "dome" section of the rubber probably aids the rubber in opening and closing of the valve.

    Guessing that the thinner mesh area is where the rubber is allowed to flex.


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