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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by RD592, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. RD592

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    MY 25hp 60" dixon grizzly was pulling to the right, so I fixed the forward speed controls and both pumps are pulling the same speed in forward only, but my reverse speed is a messed up pretty bad. Does anyone know how to fix this problem.
  2. notoriousDUG

    notoriousDUG LawnSite Member
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    It sounds like you have one pump loosing pressure or a wheel motor going bad.

    What you have done by adjusting the controls to get the same speed forward out of both side is create a situation where the travel required to get you equal forward speeds has left you without the range to get even close to equal reverse.

    Your 'fix' is really a patch for a larger issue.
  3. tomo

    tomo LawnSite Senior Member
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    hello, adjust linkages as per manual,does it pull left or right eg if it pulls right left hand is the strongest, r/h is weak. Have pumps tested by hydraulic shop,if ok replace r/h wheel motor.This is putting diagnosis in its simplest form.CAUTION DONOT pull apart hydraulics yourself.Inspected a machine the other day with a faulty wheel mtr,previous owner had fully disassembled all hydraulics,certain parts u do not strip worn out throw out part CAUTION.............under 700hrs mild to heavy use it was a right off 95% of hydraulics were stuffed because of the idiot who thought he new about mowers.{total machine overhaul including new hydraulics 50% cost of current model at least} GOOD LUCK I WOULD RECOMMEND U SEE A GOOD HYDRAULIC SHOP tomo
  4. notoriousDUG

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    Why take it to a shop? Spend the 60-100 dollars on a hydraulic pressure guage and learn to do it yourself.

    Motors are not rebuildable but pumps are if you feel brave.
  5. tomo

    tomo LawnSite Senior Member
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    hello,as you have stated "if you feel brave" and when clearly person making enquiry does not have the experience and could end up with an incorrect diagnosis, possibly costly, a professional inspection could then be warranted.The person may chose then to fit the pump themselves.Mechanical ability differs among most people.There is a saying some mechanical knowledge is dangerous.This was demonstrated by the previous post about the ztr that had been stripped. tomo
  6. notoriousDUG

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    That is just more of the kind of junk logic spewed by people who want to keep thinking mechanical work is complicated so they can either feel better baout themselves or keep others out of it.

    There is NOTHING complex about working on equiptment. The basics are the same from weedies on up to 747s, I know because I have worked on both of them. At their heart all of them are just nuts, bolts and simple sub systems.

    If you take your time, have the proper service info and don't let yourself get overwhlemed by people telling you how complicated it is pretty much anyone who can mow a lawn can fix the machine they mow with.

    There may be some special tools involved but in the long run their cost is usually absorbed if you preform the repair more then once or twice. And often if you think outside of thebox you can manufacture your own special tool.

    Take the time to understand how hydraulics work (there are excellent sites on line to teach you the basics) and then get the service info for your machine. If you do nto want to purchase it most good dealers who sell parts will be happy to copy stuff for you as long as you purchase parts from them.

    There is nothing overly complex in rebuilding a pump but it can be intimidating and time consuming to a first timer. If you do nto have the confidance to tear into it then invest in a new pump to save yourself the stress.
  7. tomo

    tomo LawnSite Senior Member
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    hello, "junk logic" Ha,Ha My recommendation included accurate low cost diagnosis, option for operater to replace themselves no cost labour ,minimum downtime = more income for operator All this adds up to a best result.... approx 20yrs contractor fleet maintenance, mining equipment ,earthmoving ,light air craft etc etc Another example of where knowledge is valuable. 2x parts arrived from dealer without even factory mods, discussed mods with factory rep and even further changes to fully rectify problem[seen these issues b4 elsewhere] fully fixed better than standard fix 1x part doubled life 1x part willnever leak again period . Without above fixes parts would be continually be replaced one fault issue after another[one part to this day still has very short life span on factory machines] . Experience and professional advice is invaluable. tomo
  8. xcopterdoc

    xcopterdoc LawnSite Senior Member
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    Very well said Tomo.
  9. notoriousDUG

    notoriousDUG LawnSite Member
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    Well said? It took work for me to decipher!
  10. Restrorob

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    I got to agree with Tomo also, A hydro. system is nothing for a novas to be getting into. It could end up costing more than a unit is worth.
    Had a customer THINK he could replace his integrated hydro. pumps on his unit, It quit driving so he THOUGHT they were bad. He bought new pumps at 1200.00 and attempted the job, After installed the unit still wouldn't drive.
    He brought it to me and I had to tear the unit all back down and install the O-rings he left from between the pumps and trans., Also open both transmissions up to clean all the sand out where he had been working out in the yard, He had also left all the hoses loose.

    I seen the hydro belt all frayed and stretched so for giggles I left it on and sure enough it wouldn't drive, I installed a new drive belt and it took right off.
    This guy was now down for a month and spent close to 2000.00 all over a
    17.95 worn hydro belt and THINKING he could fix it.

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