Hydrawise wifi problem


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Ok upgraded my 13 yr old pro c to a Hydrawise controller. Really like the unit and it has already started cutting back my run times. Buy I'm having connectivity issues. The controller is mounted about 60 to 70 feet from my house. I live in the sticks so I have Hughes.net. Most of the time I can get 20 to 40 mbps in house and can even get around 15 out at controller
But it will not stay locked on. So, I read where some guys had ordered the Nanostation locom2 but dont know if I got it right or not. Any help would be awesome! Thanks!

Andrew H

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Have you gone to your local bestbuy/ micro center / ISP and asked for a wifi extender? Try that first
Also move you router to a more open spot if you can


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Ok, got my extender working and controller is good...for now. Next question, smart watering or time base watering? That is the question. I have it set on smart watering and have noticed in my app that it has it not watering on some days. But still watering the full length entered. I saw a video comparing the 2 and it said "time based watering" changes run times but still waters every day that is set. Looks like we should be able to get both at the same time but who knows. Thanks!