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    Has anyone used Hydretain? A buddy of mine, Turf Tech, applies it and I suggested it to several of my accounts. I have visited their website, but haven't seen any real-world studies or customer reviews. Have any of the universities done any testing on it? It'd be a money-maker for him and me down here in drought-stricken west Texas if it does work. Any thoughts or experiences with it?
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    I'm wondering the same thing.
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    I saw their ad,,, and believe that ,,, IF there was a way to utilize moisture from the air,,, AND actually transfers it to the circulatory system of the plant,,, it would already be done naturally...
    The stomata of the leaves regulate the absorbtion or evaporation in relation to the atmosphere already... I can't imagine or visualize a system that pulls enough water from 75% humidity,,, into droughted soils and send it through the xylems and phloems and still nourish the plant...
    Maintaining turgor in the system of plants is a lot more involved that sucking droops of moisture from the atmosphere...
    If it is possible,,, there are a great number of systemic issue to address and in order for it to be reality,,, ALL those systems must be addressed... even the ones we don't know about yet...

    BTW,,, do we know exactly the procedure of getting water into the top of a tree over 33 feet tall yet??? Lots of theories,,, but still... Are we sure what's really involved??? :)
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    Apparently it transfers the moisture to the soil--used in Austrailia is what they claim

    here is a link which shows various different studies by universities--


    here is a link to one of the studies-


    Here is wht they claim--
    "After 9 years of commercial use by golf courses, nurseries, sod farms and top landscapers, Hydretain is now available to homeowners.

    Hydretain is a revolutionary new natural chemistry that allows homeowners to water up to 50% less and maintain healthy, great looking plants and turf.

    Hydretain is patented blend of liquid humectant and hygroscopic compounds that attract and hold moisture like tiny water magnets within soil. Hydretain manages available soil moisture, extending watering intervals of indoor and outdoor plants, flowers, vegetables, shrubs, trees and grasses by as much as 2 to 3 times. Each application reduces watering for up to 3 months
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    You put up a lot of reading material, so if I start commenting on the things I do read and there is some point I need to grab a hold of, in another article,,, plz let me know...
    I'll be looking over the 'shorter' PDF Research Material First.... Interestting concept, but still skeptical... :)
  6. Smallaxe

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    Actually,,, all I've found so far are testimonials... these testimonials could easily be talking about the water holding polymers... what's the difference...
    I call them 'Super-Spunge Polymers' just for descriptive purposes... :)
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    I'm skeptical also...
    The problem with the polymers is they hold onto the water and don't easily release it to the plant...
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    I'd never heard that that was an issue... I've never used the super-sponge stuff,,, but I didn't realize that it didn't work...
    I wish they'd give an explanation how hydretain is supposed to function... testimonials about how well it works, and that it takes moisture out of the air,,, by some UNREVEALED process,,, doesn't cut it for me... :)
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    Our company is considering selling Hydretain to homeowners as a means of conserving water during our prolonged drought and to reduce overall water applied to turf grass even when we're not in a drought.

    From what we can tell, it's a great product. I found this page while doing research to see who the naysayers are and why (otherwise known as covering my butt).

    A couple of things I noticed that weren't correctly stated or have been corrected by the company since they were posted:
    1. It doesn't draw moisture from the air, it works in the soil. It takes water molecules that are too small for the plant to use and combines them into droplets the roots can absorb.
    2. It's not a polymer. It's a combination of hygroscopic and humectant compounds. This is an important distinction.
    3. There have been many studies through major universities, in agricultural, nursery operations, and parks/golf/recreation. The results are glowing.
    If you have used this product (not similar ones) and have feedback, please share it. We'd love to know what lawn care pros think about this product.

    Thank you!
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    I have found it's possible to conserve water with current irrigation systems, it's getting the customers to do it. Some may think that won't be a problem but when you're in it for the long haul, then going back a year from today and seeing the customers not following the plan at all.
    Because some to most will humor you, especially if you're passionate.
    They'll play along, but what about a month down the road?
    I've seen customers follow the plan, and revert to their old ways the instant I got back in my car.

    Interestingly enough I'm not the only one getting frustrated.
    I've seen customers get so frustrated, they turn their current systems off completely.
    There you go, everyone's happy now, doing that conserves water.
    Saves a lot of money too, no need for new systems, no need to mow the lawn either.

    That might be all right from some business owner's perspectives, but I really don't like to waste my time and money that way.
    When you've got your heart in something, it's rather frustrating to have to sit back and watch good ideas not take hold.

    So is there profit in it, I'm sure there is but with new ideas it almost always takes time to iron out the bugs.
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