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    Just got a good deal on an earlier model Sentar. It has one problem that I have found. When releasing the hand controls after going full forward, it pulls HARD to the left. It is tracking straight. I've made the neutral adjustments on both pumps, but it still pulls to the left when I release the controls. The guy I bought it from said he had the right pump replaced at the beginning of this season. A friend mentioned it may need to be bled. I have followed the manuals bleeding instructions, but I never see fluid coming out of the release valves. It seems like eventually fluid would follow the air out of these valves?? It also appears no air is coming out either. (Bubble test) Mower has 253 hours. 61", 25 hp. The pump oil looks very clean.
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    When bleeding the system you will not see air or oil coming out of the system. It will release any trapped air into the system and allow it to escape in the vented hydro tank. One of two things is going on, either the new pump is sticking or the control system is sticking. Does the mower only have the problem when the mower is running, if you unhook the control cable from the pump does the control system move freely or is it binding? If it is binding and all the bushings and connections look good the cable from the lever to the pump needs to be replaced. If the right side controls only stick when the mower is running then the pump is having the problem. Did the previous owner state why the hydro pump was replaced?

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