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Discussion in 'Lawn Mowing' started by vogler.r, Apr 30, 2010.

  1. vogler.r

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    I did a search and read some post from several folks on Hydro Filters. My question is has anyone ever had a filter failure or hydro failure due to the filter? I did some online filter searches and also called local dealerships for part number from Exmark 513211 and the results were many brands or names to a various prices. From Stens, Exmark, ProLong ( J Thomas), Rotary and others. Prices ranged from $20.00 to $3.39 Is there really a quality issue between brands that specify they are Hydro Filters, 10Micron and made for ZTR's? Looking for feedback. I have used two filters myself, a Exmark packaged filter and a Prolong filter and could not see any difference nor did I experience any difference.

  2. Richard Martin

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    So you're saying that you cut both filters open and couldn't see a difference?

    I've opened a few hydro filters and clearly saw a difference. The manufacturer branded filters tend to have more filter material in them, heavier duty parts and just a generally better look to them.

    The main reason for being much more careful with the hydro system filters over say an engine oil filter is this. There is a lot less room for error in a hydro system. You don't usually get a warning that something is wrong until the entire $2,000 hydro system melts down, which they often do. An even if you get lucky and only one side trashes it self the other side is usually not far behind since almost all mowers use a common hydro oil tank and usually only one filter.
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    Ditto on R Marten's remarks.Why would you risk your hydro system to try and save a few bucks,that's penny wise and pound foolish.For engine oil filters I use after market brand like Napa because they get changed every 40 hours, but I only use Mobil 1 pure synthetic oil.Hydo filters get changed much less often so why take a chance with them?
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    Thanks RM and Whosdog for your info. You are absolutely right about using a quality filter. I have not cut open either of the filters to inspect but I am planning too . Knowing there are really only a few filter mfg alot of the major mfg. also mfg the private label to a specification or sometimes the exact same. Thanks for the feedback
  5. Richard Martin

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    That is true among most American manufactured filters. Not so of those chinese filters that you get for dirt cheap.
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    I wouldn't pay an extra $15 for the "exmark" filter, but I also wouldn't pay $3 for the dirt cheap filter. Buy a good quality filter, but don't pay extra for the same filter just for the name brand.

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