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Hydro Gear Pump problems after servicing

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I have a Hydro Gear BDP-10L-117P on a Lesco walk behind mower. It was leaking fluid at the trunnion seal so I decided I would replace the seal. I got a seal kit and took it apart and replaced all the seals in the pump. Put it all back together and now the wheel will not turn. I tried to bleed the system many times by opening the release valve and moving the controls back and forth. When I look in the fluid tank the fluid going back in looks foamy and has bubbles. So I assume air is getting into the system somewhere. Where exactly can air get in? There is one suction hose going to the pump in between the two hoses going to the motor. How do I check to find where air is getting in? Any advise would be great cause i dont want to spent $500 on a new pump.
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If the wheels barely spin when hydros engaged, spin the wheel by hand while lever is engaged.You may be able to manually remove the airlock. Let go of the wheel when it takes off. Hope you didnt have any pieces left over after assembly.
An easy way to find out the condition of your hydros is to remove the fill cap on the hydro tank , insert a magnet (pickup tool), rake the tank with the magnet. If it comes out looking like a chia pet , it cant be good. Most wear parts in these pumps are magnetic. If the magnet comes out a little silvery, change the filter before it clogs.
Sorry I missed your post. I've been repairing and rebuilding BDP pumps since 98 . Just trying to help.
1 - 3 of 18 Posts
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