Hydro inventor?

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    ferris invented the hydro &quot;single drive&quot; walk behind<br>it was a horizontal 12hp kohler engine with a belt that ran to a eaton pump on a peerless transaxle, you would steer the unit by using disc brakes that were on either wheel, like a belt drive walk behind, very similar setup you would find in a quality garden tractor.<br>these machines were built like a brick **** house, and were very popular here in the northern states. in fact i know a few people that still use them.<br>now for the dual drive hydro mowers, dane scag patended that design, 2 pumps and 2 wheel motors design and still to this day makes money off every one put out on the market...<br>not to shabby huh ????<br><p><font size="1">Edited by: mowerconsultant
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    Joe Berrios has the patent on the dual hydro and all (Including Scag & Great Dane) are built under a license from Mr. Berrios.<p>--July, 2000 Lawn & Landscape, page 94.<p>(Dane Scag was the first to negotiate a license and manufacture the first dual hydros.)
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    Surfing the net, I stumbled across Dyna-mow. They build an interesting mower. Been awhile since I was to their site, but if I remember right their mowers are all hydro's. No belts at all. They had two models. An out front ZTR, and a midmount ZTR. Both had sleek looking fiberglass bodies. Seems like they were both very heavy as well. Wish I could remember the website. Maybe they are listed on Yetmans.

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