Hydro Issue...I have no clue!?!?


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My lesco 48'' walkbehind has roughly 1800+ hours on it (hour meter no longer works)I bought it used, this summer for super cheap. The machine operates flawlessly EXCEPT when going parallel across a hill with the left side of the machine facing down the hill. I can go about 30 feet and then the hydro goes completely dead, i lose all hydrolic power on the left side of machine, the right drive wheel is fine. And if i go acorss the hill or any incline parallel with the right side of the machine facing down hill it works just fine, has no issues whatsoever. Anyhelp would be nice, thanks.

I've thought maybe air in the lines, but I don't know about that. Could it be the filter? It's a earlier model late 2000-2001.
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Check the hydro belt. If its ok it may be a wheelmotor going bad.
A fluid change may help.
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make sure the reserve tank is full enough to substain the angle of the hill. if its low the hill might cause it to draw air in the system and lose prime.


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like Piston stated, oil might need changed. There really is no telling what part might be going bad cept for the belt, and any visable leaks. only way to pinpoint the problem is to do a pressure test at a hydrogear or parker service center. most mower shops should be able to find the issue easier.

if the belt is good, fluid is at a level high enough not to tilt so that the hoses dont get oil, no visable leaks, and the bypass valves are all closed...only thing i could reccomend is taking it to a shop and have them handle it. Also the hydro filter might be clogged. your looking at those things that are easily managable.