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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by MNfarmer, Jun 7, 2004.

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    I have a Toro 269 H riding mower with a 19 horse Kohler Command and 48" deck, it has about 300 hours on it. Im not sure which hydro transaxle this mower uses but I believe it is a Sundstrand. After mowing for an hour or so it will really slow down when going forward on level ground. Climbing inclines it will nearly stop, and there isnt much speed in reverse either.

    The other day I felt the underside of the transaxle and it nearly burned my hand. Is the hydro on its way out? It takes 10w30 for oil, which is full but appears very dirty. The owners manual states that it is a sealed system and it does not need to be changed.

    Is there any way to change it? Would it be helpful to do so? How much do these cost to repair/replace? If anyone can help me out I would greatly appreciate it. Any info on which hydro unit it uses would also be helpful.

    TIA :confused:
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    try to find the model tag on hydros give me a call 904-276-9417
    see what i cad do. chuck
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    I have a similiar problem with an older Walker. When it's cooled off it's fine but as onn as it gets hot the drive force bogs down and is very sluggish. Dealer says it's the hydro's but it's unusual for two to go at the same time and I'm reluctant to change them only to fond out is was another drive component. Any thoughts would be appreciated.


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    first check belts make sure they r tight, are they getting wet form the grass, just how old r they. we had grasshopper that we just done both hydro and wheel motors combo, parts were nla but gasket and seals were available we cleaned both and new filter worked good,

    PS 1992 44" cut and this thing looks like its been thought a couple of wars

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