Hydro Lawn Rolling with Lawn Aeration ???

Discussion in 'Turf Renovation' started by apexlawn03, Feb 27, 2005.

  1. apexlawn03

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    Saw NEW HHYDRO COMMERICAL TURF/ LAWN/ GROUND ROLLER AT NY FARM SHOW . I LIKE HOW THIS EQUIPMENT WAS BUILT VERY STRONG AND DURIABLE. iDEA SONDS LIKE IT MAY BE A GREAT SERVICE TO AD TO A BUSINESS.Aprox: Retail cost $5500.00. Sugested for special service cost to cuomer would be 2.5 to 3 times the cost of weekly mowing rate. 36"" or 48"" 1200lbs could be added to spring sevice. any feed back anyone.
  2. jhawk71

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    Are you saying you would aerate then roll the lawn. Wouldn't that defeat the purpose of aerating?
  3. apexlawn03

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    I was wondering the same thing and how to package the service. I did talk for some time with the owner of company and how he used the walk behind hydro roller for service in the spring. Above was just part of what he shared with me. Just information sharing and or gathering thanks
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    Only common functional use of a lawn roller is to use a water drum roller, around 1/3 full of water only, to roll newly installed sod to seat it.

    However, in some areas of the country, rolling is a fad with many people. If you're in such an area, you could probably make money with it, but you're doing nothing to help the lawns.
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    The roller you are talking about was designed by a friend of mine. I think he calls it easy roller. I know he has a website but i cant recall the web address right now. I will get it and post it on here. The website has a video on it and it shows it in action, its very maneuverable.
  6. CNYScapes

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  7. old dog

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    I live in an area of clay soils,but frost heave lets little bumps in the lawn in the spring.
    If you use mid duty walk behinds or a ztr then in a couple weeks it will be "rolled"
    as you mow.Usually a roller does not work unless soil is quite wet.Then you get compaction,then areation is required.I think the better money would be spent on a good core areator.Most of your clients don't need it rolled.Golf course greens are the only
    place rolling would be necessary-or as stated above for sodding-and seeding.

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