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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by pjm123a, Jan 26, 2013.

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    Hi All, I have a SCAG Turf Tiger that has a hydro gear BDP 16A-307 pump. The pump has developed a leak around what looks like a plug of some kind. The pump is still on the mower and I m hoping the leak can be fixed without removing it. I have another pump (a different but similar one from a Tiger Cub) from which I have removed this plug to take pictures. There are 2 pics of the plug and a pic of the pump showing where the plug was removed from. Does anybody know what this plug is called? If it is leaking, is it a matter of just replacing it while the pump is still on the mower and just replacing the oil lost? Anybody know where you can order this part and possibly a part number?

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    I think that's a pressure relief valve but could be wrong. I could pull the book out tomorrow and see what they call it. Also in the jthomas catolog's they have a break down of pumps with parts and prices.
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    It's one of a couple of pressure relief/ check valves. That particular one is TOAST!!! You better hope the one ya pull outta your unit is in better shape!! No worries, it will be! Anyways, they use an O-ring seal in the groove just above the threads. Just match it up at an auto parts store that has an O-ring assortment.

    Yeah, you should be able to just replace it on the mower. You only need the O-ring.

    Hears a link to the Hydro-gear repair manual page. scroll down and click on the link for "pumps" http://www.hydro-gear.com/Main/service/service-repair-manuals
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    Hi BigFish. I will try replacing the O-ring. Thanks for your help.
  5. pjm123a

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    Big thanks to BigFish. Today I finally go around to pulling out the valve. Sure enough one side of the o-ring was pretty chewed up. Replaced it and put it back. Did not have to unmount anything and there was only a minimal loss of hydro oil. Buttoned everything back up and ran it a little. So far so good. The real test will come next weekend when I have a fair bit of mowing to to do.


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