Hydro motor would not drive but then regained function


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hello All!

I have a 2007 Scag Freedom Z. I have accumulated 870 hours on it since new. I have had numerous problems with my FH580 so I had it replaced with Honda 670 from Repower specialists in Oregon. The Honda engine runs fantastic but I’ve just started running it. I’ve accumulated about four hours on the Repower kit and, while mowing, I experienced a right drive motor malfunction. The right drive motor would not drive forward. It barley moved. It would drive backwards for a short distance and then not drive. I checked the fluid level which was clean and full (I’ve changed it about four times since new and am assuming it was changed by the shop that replaced the engine). I cycled the free wheel valve. I moved the drive lever back and fourth and after about 2 minutes of monkeying with it the drive “caught” abruptly and worked fine. I parked it and haven’t run it since.

The conditions were wet when this occurred.

I had the engine changed in a professional shop and they did very good work.

I have not done any form of trouble shooting or inspection other than looking at the belt.

Anything jumping out at anyone here?


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Could be the drive belt slipping. Check the idler setup. Good spring tension, pivots freely, not binding, etc.