hydro oil or motor oil

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by rdh, Jul 22, 2001.

  1. rdh

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    on my dane chariot .
    the sticker says to use
    mobil 1 15w50
    quaker state 5w50
    is this what i am supose to use in my hydo tank ?
    the bottle says moter oil.do i put motor oil in it or hydro oil?
  2. Cleve

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    You didn't speicfy if the sticker is on the engine or on the hydro tank.
    Either way, some closed hydrostatic systems do specify engine oil. You should use what the mfg. specifies. I have a Kubota that says to use Mobil 1 synthetic for the hydrostatic. My Walker diesel specifies engine oil for the hydrostatics also.
    I would suggest that you drain and fill with synthetic for longer life.
  3. Premo Services

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    I have an eXmark tt and a lazer, they both say that you are to use 15w 50 Mobil 1 synthetic oil in the hydro units. I would check the manual or talk to manufacture or dealer to find out about what your mower needs for the hrdro unit.
    After the break in period, of 200 hrs for the kawasaki motors, I switched to full synthetic oil in the engines also.
  4. EJK2352

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    Use the 15w-50 Mobil 1. The Mobil 1 can take a lot more heat before it breaks down. Exmark has been useing it in their hydro systems for years with excellent results. ED
  5. jpzink

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    Exmark started the revolution for using synthetic Mobil One 15w50 motor oil in the hydro pumps. Hydrogear has finally put it in as a recommended oil. In our industry almost all the pumps and motors run on motor oil not Hydrolic! Don't use hydrolic oil! As for which one, it is your choice. Look at the change interval recommended by the manufacturer. If it is often it will be cheaper to use the motor oil, longer the Mobil. You will however expect longer life with the synthetic due to the fact that it does not break down.
  6. wesley daniel

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    I own a 1983 case 448 garden tractor it was my uncles.It uses delo 15w40 in the hydro and rearend.Neither has ever been worked on still has the original pump.Uncle used to mow 5acres now I mow 2acres.Best lawn tractor Ive ever seen. Thats probly why the tractor is no longer made.
    Use the synth. oil it will take the heat better. Oil is the reason vehicles get 100k and 200k or more miles is because of the change in the past 10 years or so of lubricants.They are much better but the can looks the same.

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