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Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bobcat175, Jun 24, 2004.

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    For my 14 kawi syn would be $7.25 vs. $1.75 for reg. That's a $5.50 difference. I change oil every year so that $5.50 over a year is worth putting in syn. to me. Plus as I said above I now save 1-2 pulls each time I start the mower........
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    i got about 1/2 mpg gallon better with the mobil 10-40 in the gmc truck with 305v8.. in the 1 ton ford with 351m i got about 1/4 mpg better... in the 3/4ton ford with 400m, i dont know.. it is strictly an off-roader..has a 12ton rear-end.. milage is a non-issue with it.. but it does seem to run a little better... but that could just be wishful thinking on my part.. my cougar gets almost 1.5mpg better...my lawnmower.. uh, i have ran mobil 1030 from day one.. so i dont know if its better.. but i do know that since i buy mobil by the case(s) that is what i put in it..
    and while i am on my mower.. i have a 2002 model craftsman with 24hp kohler and 50" cut.. i abuse this mower every week.. and i never have any problems out of it.. and i dont know why. i worked for roebuck for 11 years as a grease monkey.. i know these machines.. i tried so hard to get my landlord to buy something else.. she insisted...but i have been pleased.. in saying that.. i do want to toss out there that i only mow 6acres once a week... not 10 acres everyday...
    anyway, now you know what i think..
    one more quick footnote.. i have 2 redneck friends that go mudriding with me.. well, ok, they try and keep up.. anyway, they run the synthetics in the fords, and they burn it..one is a 1981 302 the other is a 1994 460.. they both "burn" the synthetic.. the 1981 switched back to mobil.. no more oil burning...odd.. i guess.. i am only knowed up on oil.. synthetic is, well, synthetic...
    thats all...

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