Hydro or Spread Seed? E-mat or hay

Discussion in 'Landscape Architecture and Design' started by Wilandscape, Aug 11, 2006.

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    Look guys, I know know one wants to divulge secrets, but I came on here to learn. I can build walls and patios like the best, but I am so knew to this seeding/grass thing.

    I rough graded a new home, now I will be finish grading. After I need to get grass to grow on 3 acres. Obviously the customer wants the most effective and cheapest way to accomplish this. I can work the money out but would you contract someone to hydro-seed (I have learned that this takes way to much attention once it is sprayed and noone will be living at the residence until it sells) or would you just use a spreader and seed/fertilize it. Then what would you use as erosion and moisture control? Mat (which is fairly expensive at 80 dollars for 800 sq/ft) (aprox) or Hay but hay takes forever to put down and don't you have to pick it up?


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    there are so many variables here but i am going to say : prepare the soil ,then broadcast the seed ,fert, and lime .use a peice of fence or something similar to drag over the seed to li8ghtly cover it ,then cover liberally with wheat straw . i think this is the best way out of the three to give the seed any chance to grow. being as noone will be there to water it at all .atleast the straw will be there to keep the seed as moist as possible. do not use hay, iot will become to dense to let the seed come thru.
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    I can buy exselsior matting 800 adn some sq ft for $35/roll then add in staples

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