Hydro problem -- or pulley problem?

Discussion in 'Mechanic and Repair' started by bdoss123, Sep 7, 2006.

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    Not to long ago I posted a question about a John Deere 48" Hydro Walk Behind (HD75). I was having problems with the mower getting power to the wheels initially. It began with good power and after an hour or so deteriorated to the point where the right rear wheel had no power at all.

    We had the drive belt replaced (turned out the former owner had the wrong one installed). We also had the mower looked over at a dealer, who didn't think the hydro pumps seemed bad, but he didn't actually test them either.

    Well today, after mowing the same two yards as before I got 2/3rds done with the second yard and the symptoms returned. As before the right wheel wasn't getting power (but the belt is new and still turning). When I increase the speed at this point, I get the smell of rubber. This is why I was wondering about a pulley possibly being bad. A
    Also when I looked at the traction adjustment bolt for the belt it was bouncing around as if it were too loose. I tightened it enough to get it back on the trailer, but was afraid to continue mowing for fear of breaking the belt.

    What might cause the loss of power? Is the belt heating up because of the right hydro being bad, or is there another culprit like a stuck pulley?

    The dealer agreed to look at it again for free, as all of the initial work was warrantied. I am just trying to educate myself as multiple trips to the dealer are killing me.

    As usual, any help is greatly appreciated.
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    About how old is this unit ?
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    I know it is hard to look under the unit...but first thing would be to take spring off idler(or lossen idler if doesn't have spring). Once the idler is loosened you can rotate it to see if it is bound up. Second thing is to try to check if the motor pulley, the idler, and the two pump pulley are all in line verticially. That should be checked before loosening the pulley. One of my pump pulleys came loose and couldn't really tell that until I took tension off the belt.
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    The mower was from sometime around 2000-2001, and is believed to have less than a thousand hours on it. Of course right now I am wishing I would have financed a new WB, but I couldn't justify the expense at the time. I got the mower for 1000, and have put 500 into it since.

    I am hoping the hydros are good, anything else I don't mind replacing.

    - BD

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