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Discussion in 'eXmark' started by dan4string, Apr 20, 2002.

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    i have a 98 36 turf tracer hp that i`m having a litle problem with. it tracks fine 1st thru 4th gear but when i shift to 5th and 6th gear it pulls very hard to the right. i pull the left lever to straighten out it slows down alot and when i release the lever it flys but still pull very hard to the right.any suggestions please
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    First let me say that when it comes to the hydro pumps, wheel motors and linkages on a walk behind, if you need to put a wrench on it. I would recommend that you take it to the dealer. We can however have you check a few things to see what's going on and try to determine if does need to go to your dealer.

    First visually inspect the linkages for anything that may be binding up and make certain that the "dump" valves are closed.

    I suspect your probably finding that the mower will pull to the right at slower speeds if your climbing hills especially if your using a riding attachment. If this is the case, most often the problem is the pump drive idler pivot. If this idler arm pivot is not lubricated properly (once per week) the grease can dry out and prevent the arm from pivoting freely. When this happens it allows the belt to slip on the right hand pump pulley which causes the right hand side to slow down. If the belt has been slipping for very long at all you'll notice that it is "shiny" or "glazed" in appearance.



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