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Hydro pump locks half way when pushing bar forward?

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I have a Bunton 52" zero turn and I was wondering if someone can help me with a prob? The right hydro pump will only let me push my bar forward about half way then it stops. This only happens on the right side. I checked to make sure nothing was blocking it and I am pretty sure it is the pump. This seems to happen on and off. It will let me go about half speed for a couple days then for some reason it will break loose and work normal for a few days. Then same thing will happen again. Thanks for any help given.

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:blob3: Lasher, had the same problem on my bobcat ZTR, about 2 months ago, turned out a piece of the pump broke off and would cut the flow of oil causin the problem, i took the old pump off and out fell 3 nice chucks of metal, replaced pump and problems gone. tony

ps rather easy to change pump, make sure you put all hose on correctly, mark them somehow
General grounds, How much did your pump cost?

:blob3: lash, i think it was in the $400-500 range i bought a few things and cant remember for the life of me. tony
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